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Look at Kristen really carefully. You see anything? well of course both of them are giving her a kiss but look at the cheek where Robert is kissing it. Isn't she making that on purpose? It's like she wants the kiss from Robert to stay on her cheek. Or wants Robert to be the ones that kisses her first. I was like WOAH when I saw at the picture carefully. But I also was like YAY! It's like she is smilling more on that section.

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I always think that Kristen and Robert made a cute couple on and off screen, great chemistry, its hard to find that for a movie because i don't like to think that it was forced, it ruins the movie if there is forced chemistry.
yea i see it!! thats cute they r so cute together... except for her new hair style!!!
ohhh i see. yay! it kinda doesn't look like taylor is kissing her anyway!
I see it...but i honestly think its probably just the way she smiles, she probably didnt even notice but thats my opinion..u could be right..
yea i saw that
lol, that's great it really does look like her smile is crooked Rob's way...
hell yes she wants edward if she dosen't i will stole him right from under her
that pic is so cute and i know she wants him you can see it when she looks at him even during filming
if you notice Kristen always smiles with her mouth little shifted even in her photos alone
That picture isn't anything compared to this one!!!
Check this picture out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoa!!!! Ok go Rob!!!!
I no i see that too!!!!


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