The Twilight Saga

okay so we all love the movie quote game so i thought this might be fun...


You add a quote from Twilight,New Moon Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn.


The person after you will guess your quote and the book it came from. Then they add a quote...


and the game goes on...


I hope you enjoy...



"Bella lets No one in and Renesme keeps no one out"

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Edward to Bella - Breaking Dawn

"Bella , I couldn't live with myself if I ever hurt you"

"Sorry bella, we cant rein alice"
new moon

You were right. it was Victoria all along.
Edward-Eclipse :)

"It was a crippling thing, like a deep hole have been punched through my chest"

"Bring on the Shackles! I'm your Prisoner!"
Edward Eclipse...

"What a marshmallow"
Jacob Eclipse..

"I have no imediate plans to change that status..."

New Moon!!

"Why should I help her?Who is she to me?"
Bella; Eclipse

"You'd tell me if she poisoned it, you will right?"

"Do you want to kill yourself, then? Is that what this is about?"
jacob Breaking Dawn????

Edward's only human, Bella. He's going to react like any other boy.
Edward talking about Rosalie in breaking dawn


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