The Twilight Saga

okay so we all love the movie quote game so i thought this might be fun...


You add a quote from Twilight,New Moon Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn.


The person after you will guess your quote and the book it came from. Then they add a quote...


and the game goes on...


I hope you enjoy...



"Bella lets No one in and Renesme keeps no one out"

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NO. it was Bella twilight after james told her he turned alice

"I was kissing him back"
????Bella?? I think.
How can somone so small be so annoying?
Right Bella Eclipse

Edward Breaking Dawn

"Just like the rest of us...white skin, gold eyes"
Edward in his room to bella (Eclipse)

“My arms are tired. I pushed myself all the way here
from Sue’s.”
Billiy Black (Eclipse)\

"Are you breaking up with me?"
New Moon

Jacob to Bella in the forest

"That should have been our first kiss."
I loved that one I read it in New Moon,.. like 1O times
that would be Jacob in Eclipse to Bella..
"Bella, did you really believe he was that noble? That he would go out in a flame of glory just
to clear the way for me?"

answer this
Edward Eclipse

"No im supposed to take her..."
Mike in twilight
but it was 'to do it' not 'to take her'

"We watched zombies eat people. It was great."
Jessica New Moon

"You're not gonna let this go are you?"


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