The Twilight Saga

okay so we all love the movie quote game so i thought this might be fun...


You add a quote from Twilight,New Moon Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn.


The person after you will guess your quote and the book it came from. Then they add a quote...


and the game goes on...


I hope you enjoy...



"Bella lets No one in and Renesme keeps no one out"

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Angela; Eclipse

"Happy to be of service" :)
I think its either jasper or Jacob... in eclipse

"Could I sacrafice my empty heart to save my pathetic life?"


in new moon

i think.......



"Look,i was planning to do it a liitle bit differently"

I'm not exactly sure if this right, but I remeber it, and I just LOVE IT!

Breaking Dawn

"I'm her father, not her creator, her biological father"

Like I said, if it's wrong imform me

Edward says it

yea Edward says it to i think Aro..


Bella: "Bella, you'll be the death of me" I quoted sourly

okay I could be wrong with this but i think its close..


Aro: we can't help our desires..

 I know thats isn't his exact words but i think its close


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