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I am trying to get my daughter cast as the role of Renesmee Cullen, but I need help getting her noticed. I am a single mom and I have no other options or resources but to get people to spread the word and to please check out my youtube video I have of her! Thank you!

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Shes cute.....but not as i pictured Reneesme.....Sorry......
renesmee is supposed to have curly brown hair the kids cute but not renesmee, my little sis looks like renesmee except she doesn't have green eyes
But Renesmee doesn't have green eyes...she has Bella's eyes (when she was human) - chocolate brown eyes and bronze hair like Edward's.
ya but there is makeup and wigs and stuff so i think yes!
Im sorry but she doesnt have renesmee looks. she supposed to have brown curly hair and green eyes
people did you read the books at all? renesmee has bronze hair like Edward and chocolate colored eyes like Bella as a mortal
i know, right? where r u guys getting the brown/green from? nessie has bronze ringlets, chocolate brown eyes. page 438, look it up people!
I think it will be very hard to find a child with ALL of the features that the book describes. The altar those kind if things. If I recall there was a petition with 75,000 signatures because everyone hated Rob as the choice of Edward. If people would've listened to most of the fans, we wouldn't have Rob!! If we were all so picky we wouldn't have a cast..... I just need help getting her cast. thanks to those who are supportive :D
Your daughter, has the curly hair, the teeth, the height for when she looks like a one or two-year-old. How old is she?
And for the people who've said she doesnt have the right color eyes.
Have you heard of non-perscription contact lenses?
That's what they use for The Cullens and Laurent, James, and Victoria.....
THANK YOU!!! lol that's what i was saying, if casting was so picky we wouldn't have a twilight cast!
wow you should try and yea! renesmee has bronze hair like edward and brown eyes! the green eyed child was in her DREAM. pay attention to the book ppl
hi i dont think it matters too much about your daughters hair, eye colour etc, they can always do make up and costumes to changer her appearence, what would be important i think is your daughters character and personality, and whether she can 'shine' when the cameras are rolling, her ability to act and portray the character from the book, good luck in your quest!!


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