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What is the scene you are looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn?


I'm ready to see Bella attack Jacob but most of all I really wanna see the bedroom scene and the wedding.

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BEDROOM scene with Edward and Bella..... ;)

Bella becoming a vampire......


I really can't wait to see when Edward bit the pillow, oooo. Also, when Bella's like "Why am I covered with feathers"' and Edward's like, "uhh, I bit a pillow.." I'd love to his face, his reaction~ :p
i think they're not letting the scene of edward bitting the pillow......rumors said that....
Instead they are doing the scene with the crushed head-board. You can see it in the previews..

Also, the wedding, and when she transforms. Although that happens when she's giving birth, soo yeah....


honeymoon feathers


baby and mom connection 

the fight



the scene in the forest and in the clearing... can't wait!


I want to see everything. I enjoyed the entire book.
I would like to see the scene in the bedroom, where Edward breaks part of the bed. And the part at the cabin making passionate love
All i want to see is jacob with his shirt off. and of course Nessie.
The wedding, bedroom scene, and fight
I Am ready to see of course esme isle scenes but also. Bella using her sheild in the second movie


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