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What is the scene you are looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn?


I'm ready to see Bella attack Jacob but most of all I really wanna see the bedroom scene and the wedding.

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BD1: Bella and Edward in the sea at Isle Esme

BD2: Bella as a newborn


omg thats the exact ones for me !!
probly on the honey moon were BElla walks into the water with Edward

I want to see everything that's in the book in the movie. COMPLETE! :))

because its 2 movies we r suppose to see it exactly like the book for both parts
i want to see Bella chasing after Jacob and i want to see her arm wrestle emmett...that should be interesting...
and bella's transformation...
the arm wrestling is a must they have to have that

I agree!

I totally agree that the armwrestling is a must and the blonde jokes from jacob when he tries to get at rosalie
Bellas first hunt and then her meeting Nessie.
I can't wait till she gets excited with edward and forgets her strength

And bella meeting tanya


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