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What is the scene you are looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn?


I'm ready to see Bella attack Jacob but most of all I really wanna see the bedroom scene and the wedding.

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The whole thing should be good.  I'm getting tired of waiting.
So am I... We have to wait another like 3 monthes to see it so im pretty pizzd off bout it. At least there will be tons of previews and stuff..
I really really really really want to see the wedding! I am soooo tired of waiting!
I'd like to see all of their faces when Bella told Jacob that he stinks. :D
I get breaking dawn has to be in November 2011, cause they finished and have couple editing to do. I just don’t get why breaking dawn 2 has to be in November 2012. :/

On the plus size that takes care of my next two birthdays

(Nov. 8th) Although I wouldn't object to an early birthday gift lol

Lol. Me too. My birthday is November 11. I dont care if the two movie tickets (P1, P2) are all i get. The movie will make my day...


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