The Twilight Saga

Why did they give away the silver volvo when it was needed for the whole saga?

Edward had his volvo throughout the whole saga in the books but yet they gave away the volvo from the movie after Twilight and now Edward drives a black jeep. He did in New Moon and I saw a clip of Eclipse with the same Black jeep.

Why did they give away the volvo???

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going to give it away? really? Why?
not going to... they did! to some girl who won a contest on the Tyra Bank show! I was like really??? WHY DID THEY DO THAT?

here was the episode of tyra (in 2 parts)

FYI... That's not a jeep.
the show is very funny....tyra is so funny and rob pat and taylor...wahhahahaa...lolnezzzzzzz
It's also a Volvo. Only a new one. It just changed the color. I've seen it in some commercial in the Twilight DVD.
Volvo gave (or let them use) NM a new volvo to use so they thought it would be nice to give the silver one away!! But volvo should have given them another silver one!! I dont know why the changed the color?! But when a company does that it is for thier gain also, how many people who could afford it of course would by a volvo just to be like Edward?? Alot and thier sales went up!!
to me, that just shows that producers don't really care about what fans want. if they gave away the silver volvo, they could have EASILY replaced it with its twin, another silver volvo. i knew it was gonna be trouble and mess ups from them from then on and i was right. its all about da dough.


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