The Twilight Saga

wow i cant wait for breaking dawn to come out it is gonna be awsome cause that is my fav book out of all. i kno i cant wait to see it cause they better not edit it (i wonder if they will but the part where she throughs up blood?)

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yeah i totally agree, as long as they stick closer to the book an not edit so much an make it a R rated film or 18 in uk it will be good, otherwise its going to be skimmed over an one of the main points of the book is edward an bella finally get to physical express there love for each other p
i wonder how it will work out
yeah, i'm really excited. i can't wait to see the other vampires like zafrina and the Denali coven. i wonder how they will make the amazons look , there supposed to be like really tall and skinny. so anyways i'm really excited.
hi i totally know what you mean. I've read breaking dawn and it's totally the best book from all the four books. I'm Marrisha by the way
ouhhhhhhh i hope they dont make it rated R that will make me oh so sad :(


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