The Twilight Saga

When bella is forced to marry jocob blake and leave her lover edward cullen.bella finds a sullution.
edward cullen is NOT human and jocob IS human.jocob is a selffish man who don't care about bella.
charlie forced bella to make that chose but does that mean edward is out of her life foever?
read to find out.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FLAH BACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"But dad,what about what I want?"I asked.
"I have no other chose bells,I promised Billy you and jocob will get married before he went to heaven"He repied.
"Dad you know as much as I do what happened when edward left me last time,can you bear to see that look on my face dad!"I was getting angry.How dare he trys to make marry Jocob black.
"Bells do it for you old man,you know I only have 6 month" he pleded.
Again with the guilt.Ugh.
"okay dad I love you so much and I love edward too,but I decided.."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END OF FLASH BACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
where this book came it from one of the books in twilight saga?
< CHAPTER ONE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

It's been 2 and half years since that.I made my bed, now I just had to lie in it! It sounds so simple but I hate what I am doing to Jocob-my husband-Charlie passed away after his six month was over and I did this for my old man like he asked me to, but i wasn't playing fair.

"bella,got to go,I will see you tonight at 9:00"jake told me.Should I be happy that I could now spend time Edward or be sad that im lyig to jake eveyday.Jocob wasn't the best husband:he drank,cheated,sometimes even hit her.But that was okay to me.
"Bye honey,gonna miss you"I said in my best-wife voice.
This seemed to make happy.Little did he know!
At the minit he left,Edward was by my side.
"Hi beutiful"he grinned,kissing me carefully,but with love too.
"hey"I answred.Although I was happy he was here,i felt guilty and cheater.Jocob and I hardly ever made love or kiss each other with love.
Edward had senced-even though he was vampire who could read minds,mine he couldn't read.Thank god-
"hey beutifyl,was wrong,want me to go"he said the last part with full sadness.
"Nothing I just feel so guilty and.."
"Bella honey we had being over this before,he hits you like you punch back,He lucky I did't k..hurt him yet" he tryed to keep me calm.
"Edward Cullen,where you about to say kill him"I was shocked.And angry.

"bella,I can only try to controle my tempare,it's hard when I have to the girl I love get hurt" He sighed with anger.
"'s ok,realy,I mean It hurts sometimes,but i got you to love me and care for me"I smiled sweetly.
"Truley you do bella, but you know I won't be able to controle my self,one day when it gets too much" He sighed again.
" Edward cullen,you can sit here and be mad and angry or you can I dunno notice the beutiful woman next to you"I teased but also trying to lighten up the mood.
"Hmmm,I think i will go for option two,madam,what will you like to do"YES ,it worked I though.
Edward raised a perfect eye brow like he read my thoughs.which was not possible of coure.
do you like it,hate ,or love?
i don't if you don't like ,just tell me what is wrong with it and i will imrove it.
i mean like they say PRECTISE MAKE........PERFECT!
love it keep me udated
why is jacob's name been changed to jocob?????just asking.....
Jaja well it was intresting a new side of all three characters! Nice imaginationn! Good work!! ;)
don't worry i don't think you being rude .at all.thank i will keep that in mind.and thank you for you help.please keep being honest.
I enjoyed it. A little hard to read because of spelling error's but otherwise good. Can i make a suggestion? Write some more. I would love to see what you will do. I hope that you have enjoyed my story that I have been writing. I put chpt 4 out today but still have more to write to it. If you haven't had the chance to read chpt's 3 & 4 then here is how you do it. For chpt 3 put in the search box: ADDING TO AFTER BREAKING DAWN WITH NESSIE, NAHUEL AND JACOB. Chpt 4 is in fan fiction on my personal page. I still have more to write on chpt 4 but let me know what you think too ok?
That would really suck. Obligated to marry someone when you love someone else. I feel bad for Bella, for women in soap operas who go through with it, and for every woman out there who might be in the same situation. Hopefully, there is none or at least very few.
add more so i can see if i really like it or not
hey. it's cool. come read mine =D


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