The Twilight Saga

When bella is forced to marry jocob blake and leave her lover edward cullen.bella finds a sullution.
edward cullen is NOT human and jocob IS human.jocob is a selffish man who don't care about bella.
charlie forced bella to make that chose but does that mean edward is out of her life foever?
read to find out.

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Please tell me you will be writing more on this. Pls let me know when you do. Jacob will get whats coming to him i hope
FUNNY!! I loved it write more!!!!
The story is good, but the grammar and spelling are incredibly wrong.
I have a suggestion. Jocob is really Jacob. Just say Edward, not Edward Cullen. Put spaces in between each sentence. Use commas when needed. i is actually I. When you use commas out a space between the comma and the next word. Make it flow through a little better, and don't state the obvious.
By the way it's PRACTICE makes perfect
just a little bit confusing 'cause of wrong spelling but i like it :)
um i dont know why this story is getting known now because i started like 4 month ago and people didnt like it so i stopped and i dont think i can write again because i dont realy write bella/edward related story anymore so like....

don't let others discourage you. just keep going and you will eventually have it so perfect that everyone will want you to write.

thank you carla and i hope what you are saying comes true because one day im going be like mrs meyers!


At the moment I have a book that if everything goes the way I want will be out in stores and online for people to read. In the beginning I didn't know if I could do it. Two of my very best friends that I met on here as well as my husband encouraging me to write it. My book wouldn't be getting published today. After that book goes out there will be two more. In the first one I introduce one of the characters from the second and in the second mention one from the third. Right now trying to figure out a name. A girlfriend that is helping me: her and i are going to put some names up and let people vote on a name that would make them buy the book. DO NOT GIVE UP SWEETY!!!!!!!

if you need name ,i have a one.

how about "Cam" it a boy's name .it will be a good name if u character is funny,loveable and grinning a lot person

noe wat i mean?

the first one is about hybrids and moon people and a girl in the middle. i am thinking very seriously about Torn. I think that might grab attention but don't know. Have a few more and it won't be much longer before i put them up here for a vote.


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