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Despite being the main character of the Saga is Bella the most annoying? Does she deserve two great guys like Edwad & Jacob?

Although she does have some admirable qualities i find Bella kind of annoying. She is quite whiny and some times thinks of only herself disregarding the feelings of others. i also dont like the fact she ignores her human friends at the expanse of Edward. Isn't friendship more important than love?

i dunno..... just my opinion.Do you guys agree? or not? Please tell me what you guys think. <3

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I know!

After being married for over 20 years, I have to say that love is, by far, more important than friendship. I find Bella not any more annoying than anyone else in the books/movies. All have human faults and make their own kinds of mistakes. For example, my husband was sometimes overprotective like Edward, and it was annoying to me at the time.


Actually, I disagree. You are looking at it through a narrow lense. Bella only did that to Jacob because she knew it wouldnt change anything between them and make it worse for them at the same time. That's why she fought the love thing between them. Also, I disagree on the friends thing. A relationship is more important than friendship because friends can always leave. If you truely love someone that you are in a relationship with, then your friends should understand how you feel. True, you shouldnt reject or neglect them because your companion may not always be there. But at the same time, you do need some time alone with the one you love.

Team Edwarder. xD

Well, I sorta agree, but I just think it could have been presented a bit better. I mean, off subject of Bella, doesn't it seem weird for a 17 year old werewolf to be smooching a 5 year old? Not to mention in like 8 years, for it to look like Nessie is his Grandma?

OMG THANK YOU. I thought I was the only one who thought the Jacob/Nessie thing was creepy beyond all means

Exactly, I think that I would have been better off with Jacob being with that human girl Lizzie, because it's better than him kissing a baby, or making out with an old lady. ... :P

lol..I kinda thought that at first but when a wolf imprints on a little girl((or boy..since Leah's the only girl wolf :P)) they act like an older brother((or sister...I'm defending Leah's honor xD)) to them then when they're older if the imprintee((the person who got imprinted on)) wants to they can have a romantic relationship with the old lady comment XDDDD Renesmee will stop looking older once she reaches maturity ... but phsyical maturity .. not mental maturity .. meaning when she looks 17 or 18 .. she'll stop looking older and once she's REALLY 18 she'll stop aging all together and be kinda like a vampire..frozen forever.

I agree with you! Bella and Edward were made for each other from the start, I love Bella's personality too, clumsy and in some ways plain, But that's why I like her, she's special in that way. Also, I know exactly what you mean about the friends situation, the person you love is always going to be more close then your friends, not because you're putting your friends aside for them but because they're special and well, you love them! and besides, if they were true friends they would understand your feelings for them and be happy for you, and support you when you're going through a tough time in the relationship. :)

I disagree with you .. in certain/most situtations friendships are more important then relationships because .. I know I wouldn't end a friendship just so I could stay with my boyfriend. He even knows that I'd break up with him in a heartbeat if he badmouthed my friends or tried to break up my friendships with people.

Other than that part .. I HATE Bella .. I can relate to her in some ways but not the annoying ways . !! She's too whiny first off .. she only wants Edward for ... THAT!! I don't think she really loves him. And her whole world is about Edward..I hate that Stephanie had done that. If your boyfriend breaks up with you it's understandable to cry for weeks but .. being deppressed and suicidal??? that's just over the limit. And she only uses people..I also hate Kristen Stewart :P

Exactly. And I know in the 20's people did, but who gets married, at age 18? I mean come on! I agree with the fact that NO ONE in real life is truly in love in like a week. Yes you can easily have a crush on someone in a week, but not a loveship!
*Agrees fervently.* I understand the whole "love at first sight" concept, though I don't personally believe in it because it appears to be entire based off of looks. Even if you do fall in love with someone the first time you see them, it takes longer than a week to develop and let the relationship grow. And the way Edward acted at first should've been a total turn off in the first place.


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