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Despite being the main character of the Saga is Bella the most annoying? Does she deserve two great guys like Edwad & Jacob?

Although she does have some admirable qualities i find Bella kind of annoying. She is quite whiny and some times thinks of only herself disregarding the feelings of others. i also dont like the fact she ignores her human friends at the expanse of Edward. Isn't friendship more important than love?

i dunno..... just my opinion.Do you guys agree? or not? Please tell me what you guys think. <3

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Yes I do find Bella annoying. She's too obsessed with Edward to realize that she even likes Jacob. And like, did you notice when Jessica said that no one is good enough for Edward, Bella had to have him?
That's true!!! Jessica said that and Bella was like "gimme gimme gimme Edward after midnight!"
yeah i noticed it. also did you realize that she takes people like jake and charlie for granted?
I know!

I totally agree with you! As much as I love Edward he treats her like a baby, for example shes always gotta be warm since shes always cold! It drives me insane shes a good character but deffinatly not the best!

I sort of got to agree

Friends are important. He love for edward is much more important than that.

Part yes, part no. I like her clumsy personality and I love the most things about her except the wining and Edward things. She's to obsessed with Edward! I hate her for that because she couldn't see that Jacob loved her so much more. Or equally (I think more, but others maybe not)... At the end off Eclipse "Oh, Edward I love you more..." UGH... STOP PAUSE PLEASE! She loves Jacob equally!

She abbanded (don't know how you write that & not in the mood to look up ;D) her friends. Even her best friends like Jessica and Jacob. Jessica can be considered as the girly best friend of Bella. Her other girly best friends are of course Alice (but I think that doesn't count) and Angela. Mike, Ben and Eric are good friends.

At your other question: if you put it that way, she deserves Edward. He's also always wining and thinking of what could happen and what not... HELLO: BORING!!!!!! So, that's why I think that she deserves him then.


But I'm still a fan of Jacob & Bella!!! :D

I know Nessie and Jacob was to put Team Jacob members at ease, but its so dumb.
It really is, isn't it? I had the feeling to throw the book across the room. Thank god I wasn't in the back yard or it would be one hell of a toss. :D
Haha. But seriously, they didn't end Jacob and Bella well at all in my opinion.

Uh. You do speak about movie. Because in the book it is clear that Jessica is not Bellas friend at all...  more like enemy... and it is evident that Jacob does not love Bella "so much more" -  his love is selfish, he ignored Bellas feelings, he tricked Bella and badmouthed her friends.

And, of course, Bella did not love Jacob  equally - she did not doubt even a minute about her feelings, remember?

And how Edward could be boring, it is behind me. He is smart, witty, interesting and handsome.


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