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Despite being the main character of the Saga is Bella the most annoying? Does she deserve two great guys like Edwad & Jacob?

Although she does have some admirable qualities i find Bella kind of annoying. She is quite whiny and some times thinks of only herself disregarding the feelings of others. i also dont like the fact she ignores her human friends at the expanse of Edward. Isn't friendship more important than love?

i dunno..... just my opinion.Do you guys agree? or not? Please tell me what you guys think. <3

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Oh my gosh. That's exactly how I feel about it. I believe that in the back of her mind she was thinking that if things don't work out between her and Edward then she can always go to Jacon. Like he's some kind of back up boyfriend.

Actually in the book you can see that Bella did not consider such option - Edward was  the One.

Actually she got mad when she thought Jacob killed humans. She was happy when they killed vampire L.



And she already knew that Cullens were vegetarians.

I do not agree at all!!!
How can you say that. It's not her fault edward left her for her own safety.
And her friends deserted her after she got back together with edward.
I'm sorry i am also just stating my own opinion so please don't think
that i'm yelling at you. BTW if any one is whiney it's jacob :)

Her friends deserted her cause she deserted them!! After her and Edward started dattin she never even talked to them no more and I think that's wrongs. Just sayin!!

Not exactly. In NM book [before break]  Bella said that they all were sitting together during dinner - Bella, Edward, Alice, Angela, Ben, Jessica, Mike. They all were friendly, then.

You know what? Actually, Bella stopped to talk with her schoolmates after she started her friendship with Jacob!

Well of course she would abandon her human friends. Edward is handsome, pale and smell's good. Remember, Edward was only, like, her first boyfriend so of course she would ignore the people around her and become obssessed with him. ESPECIALLY if he's a vampire. And I think if you're in love with someone, NOTHING else matters.

Ugh, this is so confusing -_-' I've read over most of the replies and it's pretty clear that Team Edward and Team Bella fans will defy anything anyone else says and wont take in anything else. Seriously, we all have our own opinions, so why keep fighting? I just don't get it... it's a story/movie, so why is everyone getting all defensive to protect Edward, Bella, Jacob, and Bella's friends?  :S

Actually it is hard to see how Bella fell in love with Jacob in NM because she was all about Edward then. She thought about Edward, she spoke about Edward and when there came the possibility to see him she immediately forgot about Jacob. I know author said that Bella fell in love with J in NM but she (author) did not show that.

I  don't  think  she is  she's  always been  the  type  to  stay to herself  she  said  that  in  the first  movie  when  she  told Eric  that  she  was  the more  suffer in  silence  type  and  she became  so  close  to the  Cullen  that  she couldn't  understand  why  they  would  all  leave  her.I  think  she  was  amazing  and I  think  Edward and Jake were  suffocating  her and  she  wasn't  sure  what  to do.

Not annoying.. I find her frusterating. She doesn't get angry to others who must be treated for severly by her. But I do think she made the right choice about edward. Love is more important than friendship. Love is something you can't be without. You can't be whole without that someone you care for so much... Yet friendship is something for loose. Love is just different!


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