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Despite being the main character of the Saga is Bella the most annoying? Does she deserve two great guys like Edwad & Jacob?

Although she does have some admirable qualities i find Bella kind of annoying. She is quite whiny and some times thinks of only herself disregarding the feelings of others. i also dont like the fact she ignores her human friends at the expanse of Edward. Isn't friendship more important than love?

i dunno..... just my opinion.Do you guys agree? or not? Please tell me what you guys think. <3

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I agree, in some ways with what you say at times Bella can go on and on a bit. Personally, when she fell apart in new moon, I wanted to give her a good slap and tell her to get a grip, yes mourn edward's leaving but please do't fall apart completely get some backbone and then I wanted to just console her. I think it's because she truly feels things more acutely, than others to be honest. But in all I love and relate to her character, yes even a boy like I can relate with a female, we have feelings too ;) But I have to say bella's survivour whch what I love about her charatcer so much that spirit to keep on going.

I do not agree..I mean that' the part she plays in the book: the Edward-obsessed humane girl. As for the friends she has never had really friends. she never felt completely good with Jessica, mike etc..  She always felt out of line. she cared about the ones she truly loved like her dad and mom

After reading every comment of this discussion, I think I'm somewhat in the middle of it. I will admit she is majorly gaga over Edward, and she did leave her friends. But Jessica was never really her friend, she just wanted to get closer to Mike since he liked Bella, if she [Bella] was going to reject Mike then he might go after Jessica, and he did! In Midnight Sun, Jessica is completly mean! Edward reads her thoughts and Jessica says that Bella's not that pretty, and that she doesn't get why Mike and every other guy like Bella because Jessica thinks that she's much prettier than Bella, and thinks that Mike and other guys are out of her league! Angela on the other hand  is different, she is Bella's friend, they both are shy and sensative, she's the only friend that Bella has in my opion, Mike and all the other guys were just hoping that she'd dump Edward and go out with one of them [ which somewhat happend to Mike in New Moon].

But I still don't truely get why she left her friends, she says in the book that she doesn't really relate well with people her age, more like people older than her, I'm like that too I relate better to Bella in the books. I'm only in Middle school and I go to the high school at least twice a week now, I relate better with the high schoolers! Bella probably goes with Edward, one to be with him all the time and two she might wanty to spend more time since he's technecally older [much, much older] and she relates better with people older than her, and Edward is definatly that! I think that friendship and love are somwhat the same it just has limits[ this may sound wierd], because your boyfriend [or girlfriend] is your friend, your just very close friends, it even has the word friend in it! 

So again I'm somwhat in the middle of it. :)

Dang I typed alot!

I kind of agree with you and see what you're saying .. especially the last part.  =)

Thank you!

i think i would agree with everything you said , am a lot like bella to i hang out with older ppl they seem to have things toegether better 

Yeah the high schools where I live care mainly about what there academics are and what they're going to do AFTER high school, jobs, and such, most middle schoolers at my school care about looks, popularity, at least for the most part, I'm more like the high schoolers even though I'm in middle school. So... yeah. 

yes she does shes a good person and loves them both just keeps seconding guessing herself but at least now theyve found all found someone



so agree with you , and thats as it should have been , i think the movie ended the way it was going to and i love it and would not want to change it for nothing , jsut wish they would make another one cant get eoungh 

i dont agree with you , bc am a lot like bella is in the movie i would rather spend time with my boyfriend "husband now" then spend time with other friends there is nothing wrong with wantting time with some one you love , more then friends not every one will always stand by your side but your love will always be there to want you around.


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