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When I was reading Eclipse, at the part when Bella was choosing if she wanted to be with Edward or Jacob, I was really debating who she would choose.
So, when she was choosing, did Alices vision ever change?
If it didn't, then Edward would have always known that Bella would choose him. He wouldn't have had to have done the whole noble thing when he talked about stepping aside and letting Bella be with Jacob.

Sorry, i hope i explained it better this time. And sorry if it babbles a bit. It was just a question that . popped into my head and wanted answered.

So, I posted this before but don't think I explained it well enough. So i tried again.

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I think that if her vision didn't change, Edward just wanted to make sure, and to let Bella know that she really DID have a choice, but that's just my thought,lol. :p
that makes sense
i never thought about it like that
i agree =)
Actually Bella was sure of her choice, even when she kised jacob or when edward gave bella choice, bellas choice was always edward. even when she realised she luved jacob her choice never changed . She knew she was gonna chose edward.

Hope i dont sound stupid n u got wat i wrote.
i think it did not change. alice is just not seeing jacob's future
I think Bella always knew it was Edward, but she also knew she never wanted to stop being friends with Jacob so it made it hard for Alice to really see the true future. Though, Edward would have done the same thing even if he knew she would have chosen him no matter what. He was a true gentlemen that way.


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