The Twilight Saga

i do it pisses me off!!!! X( to me bella is awsome and very lucky! dramatic pause...... bella rocks X)

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Yeah me too. I get pissed n I go off because Bella is soooooo kool
don't you just hate it? if only edward was there so he could growl at ppl when they say bella sucks hehe
r u talking about bella..or kristen playin bella??
bella in the book

Yeah! Bella's one of my fave characters! (My fave is Alice! :D) And also, them saying that Bella sucks is very annoying, because I think of myself as a mix of Bella and Alice. >./body>
thats good :)
i agree!
of course i do but i dont stay with people who thinks Bella suks !!!!!!
Yeah! IK that is really annoying! She is one of the luckiest characters I've read about! She is my Idol! LOL
yes!! she is lucky X)
yes it is very annoying


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