The Twilight Saga

I personally think Edward is better for Bella because they just click!

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I think bella is def better with edward. i like jacob a lot and im glad with who he ends up with.
Exactully I agree, I hate Jacob sorry
i also agree
i think it's Edward coz she love's him and he love's her!!!!
idk...jacob imprinted on renesme..&& bella && edward r really gudd 2gether..mayb thats how it should stay..
., Edward.. because he is Bella's life... and the rest (including Jacob) she could deal with later on...
I think Edward is best. He truly loves her & wants nothing for her to be happy & he'll do anything to make her that way
., edward., because he is bella's life., and the rest (including jacob) she can deal with later on.,
Edward because they are a perfect match!!
I could care less about the dog!
edward because he belongs to bella.but jacob ist a good friend.
i think edward because he has a better vibe then jacob in my prespective
edward. He'll do anything to protect her =)


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