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I personally think Edward is better for Bella because they just click!

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Bella and Edward belong together
I don't think there should be teams because technically there isn't but if there were I'd be Team Edward because Edward and Bella are meant to be together, in Breaking Dawn Jacob says when he see's Edward and Bella they remind him of Sam and Emily (they imprinted so obviously they were meant to be together a better fit than anyone else in the world) and then after Bella becomes a vampire and she's ready to attack jacob for Imprinting on Nessie Jake says don't you see we were meant to be together from the begining because of Nessie so in the end there are no teams because Edward has Bella and Jake has Nessie...!
You're absolutely right!! That's exactly what I wanted to say! :D :D
Yea I've read the books so many times and I still don't understand why teams for Jake and Edward were made...its kinda dumb to me because anyone who read the books would know there can't be teams for people or werewolves and vampires that each have someone to love just like in The host there can't really be team Ian and a team Jared because they each end up with the ones they love...Stepehenie Meyer is great she's a genius in my books =D
I think Edward is better for Bella, they were meant to be. Plus he tries so hard to make everything ok.
I don't think Edward is better for Bella. I think we shouldn't even think about the answer. Think it's so obvious, from the beginning she will end up with him! I think that what Bella discovers to feel about Jacob is not actually love...i think this all is caused by the fact that in the end Jacob will imprint on Bella's daughter, so he starts feeling this way about her because of the future imprinting. I believe in soul mates and Bella could have never really felt anything about Jacob and viceversa if Jacob wasn't a werewolf destined to imprint on her daughter. At any rate, this is what I thought when I read Breaking Dawn, book 3, when Bella wakes up from the transformation and discovers she doesn't feel anything for Jacob except common friendship. I know she refers in particular to the strange bond she felt when she was still pregnant, but I liked to think it this way, too because I like thinking Jacob didn't suffer that way for free. I like thinking he had to suffer in order to have his own happy ending. And I shall add I like thinking this way because I can't really believe that Bella meant any harm to him NOR to Edward. Maybe I'm just crazy, but that's the way I think.
well that is a hard question because they are both better for bella in a long run
I think everybody ends up with just who they belong. Edward and Bella are meant together and Bella although she doesn't relize it at first was destined to be more like a mother to Jacob not a girlfriend.
i think itz edward because he will always protect her. i mean dont get me wrong, jacob would to but i just think edward would do more for her. Would jacob die for her? i dont think so, well maybe but edward would kill the ones he knew for a while just to save her. i dont think jacob would do that. i dont think he would kill Leah, shes stubborn and cruel but he cares for her and so does edward with the ones he knows but i just dont think jacob has the strength to do something like that.
It's not about who's better for her, it's about the love between Bella & Edward, because they were meant to be no one else could be better for her, not even Jacob.


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