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I really don't know yet...

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Yes I'II love it
I think they shouldn't make soo many but a 5th one would be fine, NO more than a 5th one. too many just might start to slack. But if Steph. can make each one just as interesting then yes, but after so long of writing she might get writers block and it'll lag...

but i do this she should make a series on Edwards POV
I just don't think they have any more conflicts. So they can't write another one.
That would totaly rock plus that would be one more movie to make
YES!!! i want MORE
Yep, we need to learn something more about Jake and Nessi, and the rest of the caracters but im more curious about Jacob and renesme relationship...
of course...
.. isnt the midnight sun the 5th book?
it was really good,,.
No! But it would be great if she finished Midnight Sun, and I would love to read Breaking Dawn in Edward's point of view.
Its not breaking Dawn its Twilight in Edward perspective


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