The Twilight Saga

i was much mad with jacob for what he'd done to bella ..
and yet bella has a brotherly love for jacob ..

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lol .. i must agree with you ..
totally agree.
okay i do i feel about eclipse?
hmm,well I TOTAALY LOVE IT.and i like the punching
anyways yes jocob did kiss bella with permission and i don't hate him,because i cn sort of simpathise with him and like imagine you best friens and the girl you love{in my case boy} was marrying an enemy you would fell crazy and wanna tell him how you feel{i would} im not saying it was right thing to do,but give the boy a break.he is only 16 and edward is about 110 or something.iAM team edward fan but that doesn't i cannot express my feeling for jocob.i don't love but he is kinda the best friend eveygirl need in her life.imbasicly like bella team swizland.yup.that sounds just about right!
you can however disagreee with but tell me {be honest}if you were in jocob'shoe woudn't you fell sorry or somekinda felling for him.
yh so thats all i gotta say now...
did i say edward the kinda of boyfiend/husband every girl/woman need?
i forget to add without persion,
i luv jacob lik a lot but bella totaly pwnd him when she punched him.


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