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What once Edward broke up with Bella he went to the Volturi to become a member? What if Bella found out from Alice? Will Bella forget about Edward or go after Edward?

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I hope you like it. If you dont I'll stop  the story.

Chapter 1: 

Edwards POV

I just dumped Bella. She was the only thing that made me happy. I cant live without her she is my life. I cant live, I just cant.Alice has a vison: Edward is running not want to have Bella find him. She sees a flash of the Volturi. She comes out of the vision and tells the family what she saw."I think hes going to volturi to die " Alice says.I have just arrived at the Volturis castle. I enter to find Alec and Jane waiting for me. " What are you doing here?" Jane says. " I need to speak to Aro" I said. "Follow me" Alec says. I follow him with Jane staring at my every move. We walk down a hall to an elevator that we take down 2 floors. Once we are out of the elevater the rooms look like a masterpiece. We finally arrive in the Grand Room where Aro is. "Why hello Edward, I didnt expect you here today." Aro said. " Yes I know I to talk to you Aro" I said. " Jane, Alec. Guards can we have some privacy please" Aro asked " Of course" Everyone said. " What do you need Edward" Aro asked. " I would like to join the Volturi , I've lost someone I love because she wasnt safe with me" I said. "Well of course you can but you do know you will have to feed like us" Aro said " Yes" I said " Do you have a power?" Aro said "Yes I can read minds" I said "Well I'm gald you joined us, I'll have Demetri show you around" Aro said " Thank you and when can I feed I havent ate scence last week" I said "We can feed when you are setelled." Aro said " Ok Thanks" I said.

If that were to ever happen i would jump into that book and make Bella go and get him out of there. Also EVERYTHING would change and the Volturi would not let him go that easily, either.

That would never happen that would ruinen the story edward cant live with out bella their relationship is forever

Absolutely true!

i would think that he was compleatly crazy and he would hurt bella a lot and his family too

Pretend to forget about him but grive and advaenally go after him.

This is a good story, but no... that's totally impossible. If Edward really had joined the Volturi, the story would be less romantic and everything would change, but I like it. It's nice to read something different from romantic.


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