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edward or jacob??? who do u think is better for bella i mean like not how hot they are like who treats bella better who do u think loves bella the most 

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for me edward is the best choice for bella because he cares about her he really really love her

Edward!!!! I will post longer as to why i said Edward... but I think Edward is the best choice.
I really think edward is the best for bella

i think jacob really loves and cares for jacob and i think beall loves jacob and cares for him too but just not as much as she loves edward because she wants to live forever and be with edward forever and not die she wants to be with her edward and carlisle esme rosalie emment alice jasper and she needs edward in her life like she needs life itself edward probaly means alot more than life to bellaso i think she should stick with edward
I think that she is crazy about both of them because she loves edward so much but she really doesn't want to lose Jacob but i think that the best choice for bella is edard because he is the one she truely loves----X-Olivia-X
i would say edward is good for me{bella swan]
edward .yes,maybe jacob can let bella stay human but edward is meant to be with bella.
you can see the difference between the time edward left and the time bella had to chose edward not jacob. her reaction were so different from each other.
jacob imprinted on nessie. yes he loved bella but that's not the best for both of them. jacob will be happier with nessie and bella will be happier with edward. another thing is, edward cares about how bella feels, even if it was just a small thing, he'll let her do what bella thinks is right.but jacob likes to do things in his own way when he's with bella. see if he'll do that with nessie. i bet no.
but someone says that true love doesnt mean that you have to sacrifice your family, even your life. well i think that when you want something, you have to give somthing away, you cant gain by no sacrifice. the more precious that thing you gain, you have to pay higher price.
true love isnt something you can easily get. it makes sense that you have to pay high to gain it. so bella had to give up her life isnt a reason why bella should go with jake. to me.
edward all the way.


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