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Is so annoying right?

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shes awesome
u should be reported or something
thats not nice at all
For stating my opinion? Is this Soviet Russia?
It's my opinion. I'm a fan of dissing Bella, officially.
then you should make a group called Dissing Twilight? you are disrespectful. I would never go to their group and diss them. I am a team Bella, Edward, Seth, Cullens.
I am not a fan of Jacob but I don't diss him. I like him but he isn't my fan. I try to be respectful to everyone whoever they are a team of.
Am I insulting you? No, you just choose to feel that way, get over yourself, and check yourself before you wreck yourself.
oh no you didn't! i am not doing anything wrong... you are. and yes you are insulting me and everyone else! i do check myself and i don't wreck myself... thank you very much
Obviously you don't or you'd be realistic enough to know that if you're getting insulted it's because your petty enough to let being a fan of a character and someone else not being offensive. So once again check yourself before you wreck yourself even more.
excuse me.... I am not petty. I know the character is not real. However, I admire the books and the movies (books more). We all are allowed to have our own fantasies. You are an insult to every team members on

Once again, I don't have to explain myself and you need to stop digging a bigger hole cuz guess what? You are making yourself a bigger jerk than any of us. So I truly hope you have a wonderful life because it sounds like you love to make people miserable or make people your puppets. Have a wonderful day Shadi.... Don't ever come back and comment again ok?
i totally agree with you
well said !! (:
Thanks Emma and Janet.
bella is great and you can have your opinion but maybe you should state it some where else.


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