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Next Friday 4/23 watch Oprah Winfrey to see the FINAL ECLIPSE TRAILER!



I can't wait!!! Can you?

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Are the actors going to be on the show for that day or is she just showing the trailer? this is exciting....
Hi Monique,

I don't know if the actors are going to be there but let's hope for it. All I do know is that the final Eclipse trailer si coming out.

I hope it is waaaay more exciting than the other trailers. The other trailers hardly show anything really about eclipse and all it's excitement and drama.

I would have like for one of the trailers to be really exciting and show like graduation, the party, Jacob kisses Bella and she hits him, the practice excerices Jasper was giving for the fight, the tent scene and a little action part of the fight!

Things like that is what is going to make the movie seems reallllly interesting!

ah...ok...I'm still will make sure to watch Oprah that day...Because I really want to see it too...
I can't wait to watch the final trailer. This is going to be awesome. Eclipse Rules.
I cant wait eclipse is going to be awesome : ))))
I can't say for yall. My channels are different to everyone else and so is my time so sorry I can't help you :(
For those of you who don't know what channel and time she is on just go to the site and pick a state if you're in the US.
I cant wait for the trailer! Its just too bad that I am in the Philippines and the time for Oprah is never scheduled.Do you think it will be on youtube? Because I will be thankful if someone recorded it.
no!!! of course that no!!!
Look what I found:
that was awesome with both trailers combined


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