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Sunday is both of Bella's birthdays. She was born September 13, 1987, and changed Sept 13, 2006. (Twilight Lexicon)

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Happy Birthday Bella!!!!! ... (You know guys, she's probably hating us rigth now for acknowleging for making a fuss out of her birthday)... But honestly Bella... we're doing this coz we love you soo much! So as alice have said..."suck it up". heheh
LOve you bells.
Happy birthday Bella!!!! I hope you have a nice day with Edward, Nessie, Jacob and all the Cullens!!!! XD
Happy birthday to you....but Bella hates her birtday.. upppps =)
Whether she likes it or not it's her birthday...both of them! She can just deal!
Yay its Bella's B-day!This is so cool!Bella turns into a vamp on her B-day!Its so cool and completely accurate!
happpyyy birthday bella!!!! =] the first time i celebrate your birth day since I know this book less then a year....
I wish you the best(which you already have)...
=] =] =]
Happy Birthday Bella !!XD
Love you x
This is only Bella's human Birthday. She was changed 2 days before her birthday. So her vampire birthday is the 10th. The day that Renesmee was born. Cause when Edward got Nessie out of Bella and Bella started dieing he knew that if he did not change her then she would die. So he injected his venom straight to her heart and all her blood streams. And her heart stopped beating soon after the venom was injected.So the day she woke up as a vampire was September 13. Dah. Get you're facts right. But still happy HUMAN birthday Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy birthday! :)


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