The Twilight Saga

Hey guys this is a story i am going to write but first tell me what you think about the preface.

okay here is the preface and this might be related to twilight but i will try to make it my own if i can.
i will be using stephnie bmeyers stlyle.
okay here goes nothing.THE PREFACE.

I never though i would have to do anything like this in my whole life? Was this even real? I mean i loved him {that much i knew for real } but did i realise just what he was? i had always told my self i would help him but did that included talking my life for him..............

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okay what do you think.should i keep writting or STOP it now.
tell what you honesly think remember that this just the preface and yes we do have edward though he might have a diffrent peronalaties,
realy ?
okay if i have 5 more people but please he honest
This really good if it gets printed I want to know the title so I can get it
Yeah, keep writing!
I think it sounds great! You should finish it and try and get it published. I'm being honest. It's great
it's amesome keep going.
keep going it sounds good


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