The Twilight Saga

it honestly breaks my heart at the end of breaking Dawn

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ya i agree its sad that the series has to end but it has to end somewhere, and i liked how the book ended it felt complete
:( I want more. I want to know what happens when Renesmee grows up and read about Bella's happily ever after. i could read as many as she felt like writing.
the story ends on a good note. Stories can't go on forever even if we would like them too.
It breaks my heart too, like its hard to breathe. I have no idea about bella being a vampire, nessie growing up, sam and his other wolf pack, charlie and renee not seeing bella i mean they have to move because everyone knows bella wasnt pregnany n the baby grows too fast to be normal
., i am craving for more... this saga is not enough.... so please stephanie if you could read this, write some more.... please..
Well, I kind of like how it ended, but I still thurst for more!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to know what else happens, like will Nessie go for Jacob? Will the Volturi be back? Will Leah ever find love?! O.O Ah! I wanna know,lol! XD
I was very upset but happy with the story. How bout you guys?
I never thought about that. Yeah there should be a book about them.
i dont think itz over..but if it iz..then im so upset..therez so much i would want 2 kno..but im trying 2 keep an open mind..
i would be very sad like i was at the time of harrypotter 7
беллы infant will?
It sucks stephanie meyers could make up so much more!


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