The Twilight Saga


Baseball scene

Meadow scene

Kissing scene

Fighting scene

Dancing scene

OMG!!! i like of those scenes

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the medow scene was kind of disapointing (in the book is way better) but i love when Bella was sleeping on his chest. SO ROMANTIC!!! oh, and the prom, i remember myself wishing so hard to be her in that moment!!
I liked the scene where Bella walks past Edward heading towards the forrest. She knows, he knows she knows ... and as I hadn't read the book before I saw the movie, I was wondering if he would kill her? I loved the quietness and the stillness of the forrest where she told him that she knew what he was ... what a spooky place to tell him.

I liked baseball scene as well, the fighting scenen was spectacular and I also liked the little scene when they arrive at school together for the first time, and the restaurant scene ... not sure about the guy who was think about his cat though???
lol love that part
I like the meadow and baseball scane


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