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Hi there! My name is Lisa Varon or I am known in TNA as Tara. I like the way Kristan Stewart acts but I would like to talk to her in real life. I just want tomeet her. Bye! And thank you!

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she lives in forks washington, right now shes on vacation due to stress
man i wouldnt mine meeting Kristan stewart, Tylor, and Rob Pattison
i would not mind meeting the whole cast but i would be embaressed by my age and theres becuase they go to teen partys a lot and the youngest person thet will soon be on there cast is Bree from the third book or her real name Fodelle Ferland and she is fourteen and i am younger then that. But back to the point they like to hang out at Cin
cin Ristorante a italian resteraunt , a hotelnamed Sheraton Wall Centre , Miko Sushi a Japenese hot spot . These are just a few but they are privite when they hang out there but i do not know were they are so go on google maps type it in and look for one up north.


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