The Twilight Saga

If Stephenie Meyer was to bring out books about life after Breaking Dawn, what direction would you like to see the books going?


What do you expect to get from the story?


If Stephenie was to continue, I would like another saga (another 4 books) about life after BD but based around Jacob and Renesmee.



Edward and Bella had their time in the spotlight. It's Jake's turn.


I would like the first book to be about a little what happens after breaking dawn from Jacob's POV so we can know a little about the wolves and the cullens and how he is watching Renesmee grow and taking care of her and stuff. Then while soon fully grown, the half vamp start coming to visit Nessie a little too often then close to the end of the book, she becomes fully grown and is attracted to both the half vamp and Jake but loves Jake a little more because he was there more. She knew Jake a lot better and was attracted to him first..


The second book should be about Nessie and Jake now dating. Then times when Nessie and Jake fall out because of her friendship with the half vamp, she spends more time with the half vamp and this upsets Jake. One time when Jake actually left town for a while to clear his head and just try to get over the fact that someone is fighting for Nessie also although not in an obvious way, Nessie was sober and only the half vamp was around to comfort her and he took advantage of the situation and kissed her. Surprisingly, Nessie kissed him back with much enthusiasm and immediately after the kiss, she realised what horrible deed she just did and felt completely horrible. When Jake came back, she told him what happened begging forgiveness. This upsets Jake even more when she tells him. After a looong break apart (which was killing the both of them) he decides to forgive her once she promises not to be that close with him and for it to never happen again! Jake was sooo jealous that he considered killing the half vamp. Instead he just threatens him to stay away from Nessie. (of course the story will have in a lot about the cullens and the wolves also)


The third book should be about how the half vamp is tired of not being "the one" He does not like Jake obviously and he wants to be the one for Nessie and challenges Jake to a fight. Winner gets Nessie. Loser can never see her again! No killing involved. Jake refuses and then the half vamp keeps throwing himself at Nessie and this really upsets Jake and he deicides to take on his offer and Nessie is not too please about this idea because she love them both but know deep inside Jake is the one for her and she loves Jake waay more. Anyway the fight goes on and Jake wins and the half vamp had to leave her alone for good. After this Jake and Nessie decides to get intimate and she gets pregnant.

The last book should be about them breaking the news to Bella and Edward and Billy and the wolves. We all know how Bella and Edward (especially Bella) will react to this news. After all the argument and whatever. Jake decides to take Nessie somewhere special and romantic and private and let her know everything will be ok. He loves her and he will always be there. After that he proposes and she accepts. After everyone hears about the engagement, they feel a little better knowing he will marry her. Obviously Alice offered to plan the wedding and they allowed it. In the end of the book would be the wedding (the half vamp standing from afar off watching) then Nessie producing the baby (a boy preferably) and how they live happily ever after!

(Or something like that) That would definitely do it for me!

Don't get me wrong people. The story will be based around Nessie and Jake (just how the twilight saga was based around Bella and Edward) but it would involve everyone the same way. The Cullens, the wolf pack, Charlie and Ms. Clearwater and Billy etc.


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Well, that was incredible.. However, SM is going to have to write books, and not movies. She is loosing the interest of her main star who does not like playing 17..he gets older each film and harder to pull this off..
As for Nessie loosing her virginity to someone else, that would be pitiful. It should be jacob as well as it should have been jacob for Bella, because that was and would be a "Human" experience for her...Edward always saying he can't and wont. He is not human either... I was hoping in Eclipse in the tent, this would happen..when she says, for a moment we became one person...I thought this is what SM was trying to say..not can be read different ways.
like I said earlier, I don't like the idea about Nessie losing her virginity to the half vamp but it was someone elses idea in a next topic and I fixed up her story a lil bit kinda using her basics and when I created this discussion I just copy the story I had on that discussion to mine.

So sorry again about the Nessie thing. However, since I don't like it and yall don't like it, please re-read my story in the discussion because I will change it. I will most certainly take out the viriginity losing to half vamp thing.

Thanks for your views,


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