The Twilight Saga

If you could choose any personality  from any character from the twilight saga who's personality would you choose?



I am not asking wich charachter u wanna be.




I am asking who's personality u would want






I hope we all under stand now!


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Alice (:
she's bubbly and hyper and everyone likes her.
i'm jealous ¬¬
Edward and Bella maybe a little Carisle too for his compassion. I am protective like Edward, and strong nature. Bella I never fitted in with any group. Carisle I have compassion for people. I say all three.
bella's(kristen's.) im a lot like which is surprising...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would loved to have alice's personilty.i mean i like shoping but when i go shoping im like yay shoping gotta gt that.
unlike my sis whois all about shoes.high heels.
i would like alice personality :)


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