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So everyone has been complaining that Kristen Stewart did a plot spoiler by saying she was just a vampire earlier that day at the People's Choice Award. To me how is it a spoiler alert if in Breaking Dawn she turns into a vampire any ways. Please let me know how you feel about that.

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omg!!!!  we all knew she was gonna be a vampire unless the people are complaining are the ones who have not read the books????????  hmmm
Thank You guys for your comment, when I first read the article I just thought these people was just the dumbest in the world thank y'all for having the same opinion.
Yeah. We already know that she is becoming a vampire. I think the complainers just doesnt understand the twilight talk.
I agree. i don't know how they can call it a spoiler alert either. everyone knows that has read bd that she turns into a vamp after having nessie
Haha. You also called Renesmee after the Loch Ness Monster.
there complaining they must be whining people hahahaha everyone know she going to be a vamp i knew before i read the books

It's not a spoiler alert. Real fans of Twilight, should know that Bella turns into a vampire, even if they didn't read the book. It's just completely obvious!

Exactly, even if they never read twilight its pretty clear that she is going to turn into a vampire.

The books tell you kristen stewarts going to be a vampire. So its not really a spoiler.



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