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OMG, imagine that vampires and werewolves are, like, all real and stuff. And you fall in love with a vampire - that will be like so cool! i would soooooooooooo be up for it!!!! And then u meet a werewolf too!! IT WILL BE LIKE TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, ECLIPSE AND BREAKING DAWN ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!! OMG!!! that would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bizarrrrreeeee!!!!!

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That would so weird... BTW: I'm a guy so I wouldn't know who to choose... Although, if I was a girl: Jacob!!!
If it was real. I would choose a wolf, hands down. I means it's a risk either way, but I would just like being with a wolf more than a vampire.
that would be awesome
Since Twilight I love to be a vampire myself. I like the advantages, the power you will have once you've been changed. Plus you will turn to a whole new you.The intensified you. I would love to be a vampire first before thinking of falling in love to a one. But a good vampire. A "vegetarian" as the Cullens. I will apply Carlisle's principles as being a vampire. I don't like to be a monster too. If were a chance to fall in love to a vampire, Why not. A good one to start with. On the other hand, fall in love to a vampire, it implies that he's a good one because he'll never know love if he's a "monster."

Wow! That'd be cool. I'd rather be a vampire slayer MWAHAHA, GO BUFFY!

I wouldn't mind being in love with a vampire, but the whole I MUST STALK MY GIRLFRIEND thing would bug the heck out of me.

As for a werewolf, cool, cute, but temper... uh oh... But it would be nice to know you have someone always watching you would be nice.

 This is MY OPINION so don't call me out on it. And sorry for all the caps


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