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ok so billy black in twilight the movie is driving when edward  jumps in the back of her car . i think they say somthing about it in the twilight commentary but im not sure.


billy is in a wheel chair and charlie bought his truck 4 bella

how is he DRIVING and then after they arrive jacob gets his chair 4 him

what do u guys think????

was it a mistake?

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i really am confused
Ok I understand what she is talking about and I honestly always wonder myself.

In Twilight the movie, when Bella was cleaning her truck then Edward jump down in the back of the truck and she said "Can you act more human? I've got neighbours" Then Edward invited her to his house to meet the family and she was worried that they won't like her then he said "You're worried, not because you will be in a house full of vampires but because you're afraid they won't approve of you" Then Bella said, "I'm glad I amuse you" After that, Edward sniffed the air and his expressions changed then Bella asked "What is it? and Edward said "Complications" then he added "I will pick you up tomorrow" Then he got in his car and was driving off when Billy and Jaob was coming up the street in a brown pick up. Edward pass the pick up in his car staring at Billy and Billy staring at him. Billy was DRIVING! When Billy stopped at Charlie's house, Jacob got out and went to the back of the pick up for Billy's wheel chair.

The person who started this topic wants to know how is it that Billy was driving when he is in fact in a wheel chair!

I always wondered that same thing. I believe it was a mistake!
yeah i think its a mistake in the twilight commentary rob asked if billy was driving and cathrin hardwick pretended not to hear or somthing
yeah thanks for explaining it MUCH better than i did
soo thats what i thought it is a mistake
Yup... probably a mistake. They had a few but a lot of people just did not recognise.
:) i don't know


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