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We all remember when Rosalie was talking about her story before she was a vampire and she talks about her friend that has a baby with dimples and she then says that the only reason she saved Emmett in the woods was because Emmett looked like that baby..So do you think that Emmett is that baby ?

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I have often wondered about that.... lol
I know me and my friend was wondering that 2 but it would be wierd if he was because Rosalie would be old enough to be his mom.
but don't forget Shelby... Rosalie is frozen in time so she never ages... so if there is fate and it is in fact that little boy turns out to be Emmett then so be it... Right??
Who knows???
or Right but it dont say how long rosalie had been a vampire so it could've been 17 or 18 years later so that could've made emmett 18 so.
the baby name is Henry ppl not Emmett
no, emmett wasnt the baby, but emmett reminded her of him, and thats why she chose to save him
exactly :)
She clearly mentions in Eclipse that his dimples reminded her of the baby. So Em is not the baby.

Absolutely right!

I was so jealous of her child's black hair and dimples!

~Rosalie Cullen


Omg i was just reading the book for the second time literally 2hrs sgo and i wondered that idk is he......
read up further ^ ^ ^ ^
He's not the boy he just reminds her of what the boy look like. The lil boy name is Henry not Emmett so that should answer the question pretty good.


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