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i think everyone is really team Bella because the teams came from what we think s best for Bella. like people that say I'm team Jacob because they thought he was best for Bella because werewolves(shape shifters) don't drink human blood like vampires but vampires are technically more durable because they only thing that scares them is there own venom and the only thing that can kill the is werewolves and other vampires no weapon can kill them unlike werewolves because regular things can penetrate there skin probably like a bullet in the head or heart x.x but that cant happen to a vampire and even though Bella's blood is very potent to him he will never hert her just like Jacob but someone people are on Jacobs side because what he lost control O.o but people that are team Jacob because the guy that plays him is sexy and talks about the movie instead of book the book in book related groups aren't really real fans (sorry i got out of topic ^-^)


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i'm 100% sure i'm in team bella ( <3)
I'm all team Bella :D
I am deffinetly team bella i love her akwardness and vulnerability but she has a feirce side for family including jacob
I became all the teams after I saw the movie..which kinda makes sense :)
I use to be just team edward
But Im undecided on who I like most now :D
I'm mostly Team Edward but the reason i say were all Team Bella is because we all want we think is best for Bella if you decide from what the books say like you're suppose to do
I'm team bella and much like her Im team switzerland! Mainly because I look at Jacob as a very difficult best friend and Edward as the overly protective boyfriend and they want her to choose one over the other but how could she choose her best friend over her boyfriend/fiance/husband thats not right, luckily in the end she doesnt have to choose *smiles*


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