The Twilight Saga

OMG!!! Kristen and Rob finally said it... ahahaha aftermonths of denial, and rumors.. they are finally together.... wooh...

what do you guyz think??its cool ryt?

ahh i got the goose bumps......

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Me either.
Me too
nope, its a lie, according to ME!
Didn't someone say they already broke up, or are they back together? O.o They confusilate me..... I love em though. XD
my friend texted me... she read this in a magazine here.....
You much as we all want them to be can't always believe what you read in some stupid magazine.....those people are the devil.....they will do and say absolutely ANYTHING!!! to sell more more more magazines...they suck!!!!!...we won't know for sure unless they come out on TV or something or in a exclusive magazine people or something....bye...take care sweetie
what's the name of the magazine?
That's really cool, where hav you heard that..
But i just think that this is another rumor..
That is the best news ever!
that's really cool but where's the proof.
is that for real this time around?
i honestly don't know if i would believe it or not...


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