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How do you think Kristen's going to do with all the intense scenes in Breaking Dawn? Getting the wedding, getting preggers, turning over...

Personally, I didn't enjoy her that much in Twilight. She didn't have the emotion and intensity that I imagined Bella possessed with Edward at times. It just wasn't convincing to me. Haven't seen New Moon yet, but I heard she did a lot better.

So, what do you guys think she'll be like the in the upcoming movies?

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Replies to This Discussion sure she'll be awesome...!!
she been awsome in the movies and she will still be awsome
Yea, she kind of lacked something in Twilight for me too, but definitely check out NM. She does SO MUCH better in it and really makes you see she's perfect as Bella. I'm sure she'll do better in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn now that she's touched on the real Bella.
I thought she was fantastic in twilight and new moon-she will be great in the next movies to come
she will be great. SEE NEW MOON
Im finally going to see it in a few days, woo!
I like the way Kristen protrays Bella on screen. In the first movie for me it was more the way it was directed and edited. But I do agree with everyone that NM is way better done.
She throws herself into Bell she spent three weeks depressed avoiding anything happy while filming the scenes where Bella was catatonic and depressed. So I think she'll rise to the occasion.
I agree with you 100%
she' ll be way better than in the other movies... my guess really.
I think she is gonna do much better now that she has already done the other movies.
Because when she did Twilight she hadnt even read the books. So I think she has more
of an idea of what to do now.
I think she will come through like a champ I think she can handle it she's a very good actress she'll do a wonderful job


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