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Latest Eclipse Stills (Includes the tent scene, Jacob and Bella's kiss and Rosalie and Jasper's back story)

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Uhhh realy awesome collection of pictures i realy like all... but whenever i see bella with jacob i just hate it i think she is meant only for edward this is just my point of view nothingelse.. rest bella looks great with edward ..
I really can't decide but great pictures though. I really like Jacob there's something bout him that attracts me. And Edward... well I don't know what to say.
i agree I don't really like jacob and bella together , I think bella and edward are better couples , like there were made for each other.
same here! :)
Awesome pics, and I agree as well. Bella belongs with Edward!!
I can't wait for see that kiss!
My little secret! lol

(I've got links)

me too when the pics of bella and edward come up my stomach hurts cause it need to start with edward and it needs to end with edward
These are great...
realy when we see edward and bella together we like they are made for each other and some kind of true and good feeling come from heart for there relation i realy feel sometime that if twilight saga was real means the story was true and character were real as edward so real when we read books i feel like realy someone can be so attracting true and innocent..
those are some pretty awesome pictures I really like them
This is super great! I AM SO PSYCHED!


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