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Latest Eclipse Stills (Includes the tent scene, Jacob and Bella's kiss and Rosalie and Jasper's back story)

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lol you still have a week to go. I think u cud hold on lol
The Picz Are Awesome, I Can't Wait Until Eclipse Comez Out - Along With The Intense Scenes Of Edward And Jacob (:
Ohh And I Also Can't Wait To See Bree Tanner's Acting !! :D
realy cool lov the pictures!!!!!!!!!
hey that's true cant wait for eclipse but can anyone tell me is eclipse going to be released in india or nt as i m not aware of that thing.. hope it's releasing
Hey, great pictures. Rarely seen. Umm, I think, Bella looks good with both, Edward and Jacob. Moreover with Edward.
These are wonderful...thanks a bunch....


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