The Twilight Saga

i have an idea if stephanie does not want to continue with the series lets continue it i have decided the characters and a great theme for the story and the names of certain new characters .

for starting why don't i give you a short jist of the story . The story is about the child born to the new couple Renessmee and jacob . The child grows in the care of Bella's parents and he is an abomination just like his mother.But he is a half vampire and half human . But pwerful then both . His story also starts with a love for a girl . the story board is devided into three parts first part of Sean(Renessmee's nd Bella's son ) the ssecond part is of Iris (the girl who Sean falls for) The third part is again told by Sean.

The story revolves around Sean ,Bella, Edward .the next part revolving around their love story . the third part about the girl's history the truth about volturi and the war of the clans . the war starts in the third part 

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It sounds good to me.

The story sounds great, amazing even. But for me twilight should be written by Stephenie. I mean the idea/dream of twilight originated from her and it should stay that way. I know how you feel about the series ending, I'm saddened by it myself. But I would love to see Midnight Sun, released in full and made into a movie. Even a novel about Jane and Alec and the whole Volturi, would be just stunning. Again your idea is amazing truly. I mean you have a great idea there for a novel of your own making, have you ever considered writing because you should, this concept is so inventive and appealing. But for me twilight would have to be continued by Meyer herself for it to have the originality quality feel.


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