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Meant To be Forever


His angelic face, his green eyes and his enchanting smile took my heart.
I really dont know whether we have a soul or no, but i was unconditionally n irrevocably in love with Edward, a mere human. 

A vampire in love with a human...

Hey friends this is me and my friend Drish's Fan fiction.. :)

All comments appreciated..!!


Bella's P.O.V.

People are beginning to notice our never changing appearance. Alice, my sister and I have been staying in Alaska for the past 8 years; well officially, we had to be underground for a couple of years. 

If we do not move now, people would know that we are different, yes, we are different. 

It has never been easy being a ‘VAMPIRE’, but now being with Alice has really helped me a lot. 

It’s been 30 years that I met Alice in the forests of Congo Basin while I was on a hunting trip. She with her pixie like hair, dark charcoal black eyes with childlike innocence was sitting on a rock. She was in pain. I was prepared to be attacked as our scents were unknown to each other, we were well aware of each other. We belonged to the same kind, the VAMPIRE kind. She startled me by not attacking me but addressing me by my name,” Hello Bella or you prefer Isabella?”

It was a beautiful voice but I could feel the suffering in it. 

“How you know my name?” the words rushed out of my mouth. She asked another question without replying my 1st question,” How are your eyes liquid gold?” she was shocked. 

‘Well I prefer animal blood upon human blood’.

She smiled,’we will have eons of time for discussions, but for now I am Alice Mary Brandon’ 

“I guess you are thirsty?” I continued in a friendly tone. 

“Yes, but I have to control myself. I don’t want to kill any more innocent lives.” 

“Oh!” I exasperated. “You don't have to kill humans to quench your thirst. I don't.” 

Her eyes shifted to a lighter color, “Is it possible?” she asked curiously her voice pitching up a higher octave. “Yes, I do it this way!” 

“Can you teach me how?” 

“Sure wanna go for a drink!” we both chimed are laughters. 

Since then we have been together…………….. 


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you have got to keep it up. please update me

this is really good its an interesting twist NICE!! good 4 freetime keep it up!
Great Chapter
Sure Gabrielle...Watever u say mam.. :)
You are a great writer, keep it up i can't wait to see what else you write.... Write again soon.
Thnks...danielle...This is nt only my frnd n i hav written this in collaboration..!!..
N thnkoo so much fr likin it.. :)
Chapter 4: The Second Cousins
My room looked more like a library as it was filled with books. Reading books was one of my ways to spend time. Though my life had more fantasy than any book. I picked up one of my favorite books and started reading it again. It was dawn when I heard a car enter the driveway of the house. Obviously Jasper and Rosalie were back. We all gathered in the living room. Rosalie and jasper entered the house. Alice almost shouted with excitement and she ran and collapsed into Jasper’s arms hugging him tightly. Jasper and Rosalie was shocked and Jasper gave a confused look. They both stared at Alice. That’s when Alice replied, “Oh! Sorry! Couldn’t help it.”
Jasper was a tall guy with honey blond hair and eyes a perfect liquid gold. He was very handsome and beautiful. His muscular and lean look was full of perfection. His pale and marble skin could have melted any maiden’s heart. He had many crescent-shaped scars on his body, face, and neck whose presence made me shiver. It looked as if he had been attacked by many vampires. He seemed a bit confused by Alice’s behavior but he still maintained the calmness on his face. I don’t know why but his presence calmed my emotions too.
Rosalie on the other hand was a treasure of all the beauty in this world. She was astoundingly gorgeous. She was tall and statuesque, with an elegant figure similar to a model's. She had long, blonde, wavy hair that goes down to the middle of her back that perfectly suited her golden eyes. She might have been very beautiful and the vampiric transformation only enhanced her beauty. I felt that the little beauty that my vampire body possessed was minimized by her breathtaking features.
For a short while silence prevailed. Carlisle was the first one to speak, “Jasper, Rosalie meet your newest family members- Alice and Bella.” He gestured towards us. He explained them everything about us and Alice’s vision regarding Jasper. Alice was standing quietly besides me but I could feel her anxiety. Rose one the other hand was upset about shifting the room. It was obvious as the look on her face might have scared a human to death. Alice’s expression changed and she gave rose a puppy dogs look which calmed Rosalie a bit. But everyone knew that she was not happy about her second cousins from Alaska. She even glanced at me as if she hated my presence in her house. I tried to avoid her look by looking at Jasper. That’s when Jasper gestured Alice towards the door. And they both were out in the porch with their hands entangled...

new reader awesome so far girl

Tnx a Lot.. :)

new reader love it!!!update soon!!!
Thnks a lot Sarah..!!.. :)
love it so far keep up the good work♥


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