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Meant To be Forever


His angelic face, his green eyes and his enchanting smile took my heart.
I really dont know whether we have a soul or no, but i was unconditionally n irrevocably in love with Edward, a mere human. 

A vampire in love with a human...

Hey friends this is me and my friend Drish's Fan fiction.. :)

All comments appreciated..!!


Bella's P.O.V.

People are beginning to notice our never changing appearance. Alice, my sister and I have been staying in Alaska for the past 8 years; well officially, we had to be underground for a couple of years. 

If we do not move now, people would know that we are different, yes, we are different. 

It has never been easy being a ‘VAMPIRE’, but now being with Alice has really helped me a lot. 

It’s been 30 years that I met Alice in the forests of Congo Basin while I was on a hunting trip. She with her pixie like hair, dark charcoal black eyes with childlike innocence was sitting on a rock. She was in pain. I was prepared to be attacked as our scents were unknown to each other, we were well aware of each other. We belonged to the same kind, the VAMPIRE kind. She startled me by not attacking me but addressing me by my name,” Hello Bella or you prefer Isabella?”

It was a beautiful voice but I could feel the suffering in it. 

“How you know my name?” the words rushed out of my mouth. She asked another question without replying my 1st question,” How are your eyes liquid gold?” she was shocked. 

‘Well I prefer animal blood upon human blood’.

She smiled,’we will have eons of time for discussions, but for now I am Alice Mary Brandon’ 

“I guess you are thirsty?” I continued in a friendly tone. 

“Yes, but I have to control myself. I don’t want to kill any more innocent lives.” 

“Oh!” I exasperated. “You don't have to kill humans to quench your thirst. I don't.” 

Her eyes shifted to a lighter color, “Is it possible?” she asked curiously her voice pitching up a higher octave. “Yes, I do it this way!” 

“Can you teach me how?” 

“Sure wanna go for a drink!” we both chimed are laughters. 

Since then we have been together…………….. 


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Thnkooo Isabella... :)
nice writing :)
Thnx a lot Erika...!!...It means a lot..!!
More that one was way to short...... must have more story....
Sure Danielle... :)

Edward's P.O.V.

I walked to the school’s office and there the receptionist told me to go and attend my 1st lecture. She gave me my time table and a map of the school. My 1st lesson was English, one of my favorite subjects. I sat at the last bench alone and listened to the teacher. They were studying Macbeth, the only book that I liked. The 2nd lesson was another favorite Calculus. I really liked this new school. The 1st half of the school passed on with Government and Trigonometry after English and Calculus. It was lunch time now. The other students were not very commutative or verbose. I felt a little odd while I was walking the corridors alone. I started walking towards the cafeteria slowly. Being lonely has never bothered me. I was more comfortable alone as I don’t have to please other people. I even enjoy trying to figure out other people’s thoughts and I am very good at it! I occupied my farthest corner of cafeteria and opened my book. I wanted to amuse myself by guessing the other’s thoughts. While I gazed towards the students in cafeteria, I saw them.
They were four of them exceptionally beautiful. Well calling them beautiful is an understatement !!
One of them was small pixie like girl with black hair and very thin. Sitting with her was a honey blond guy who was lean and slightly taller than me. They both were holding hands. The pixie like looked very excited about something. A blond girl was with them, who looked like a model from some magazine but appeared to be over pretended about her beauty……………
But the girl who caught my attention was the one staring at me. She was a brunette, pale chalky white with her “golden eyes”. Well I found her more beautiful than the blond one. Her face was like a painting of a angel by an old master. She looked stunning. I could not keep my eyes off her. I was mesmerized by her beauty!!
When I realized that we were staring at each other. I smiled at her but then she looked away. This was rude. I thought to myself that maybe she was not as beautiful in her nature as she was in her looks. Then after a short while she shot a glance in my direction again, now her golden eyes held some curiosity. Then suddenly she stood up and said something to the short girl sitting with her. She walked in such a graceful manner which resembled to the flow of a river. And I saw that she left the cafeteria, probably going for her class. Then for a short while the pixie like girl’s eyes met mine. I thought that she was a little upset when her friend left.
I realized that the cafeteria was becoming less dense. I gathered all my things and I went for my next class, Biology in Building 4.
hey it's awesome go ahead me realy eager for this..
Gona post the nxt chappy at Vampire speed.. :)
I love it :)
Thnx...Gabrielle....Sure ..i'll b writing more.. :P
I loved it. Please please update soon. Can't wait 4 more!! :)
this on realy great:)


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