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Meant To be Forever


His angelic face, his green eyes and his enchanting smile took my heart.
I really dont know whether we have a soul or no, but i was unconditionally n irrevocably in love with Edward, a mere human. 

A vampire in love with a human...

Hey friends this is me and my friend Drish's Fan fiction.. :)

All comments appreciated..!!


Bella's P.O.V.

People are beginning to notice our never changing appearance. Alice, my sister and I have been staying in Alaska for the past 8 years; well officially, we had to be underground for a couple of years. 

If we do not move now, people would know that we are different, yes, we are different. 

It has never been easy being a ‘VAMPIRE’, but now being with Alice has really helped me a lot. 

It’s been 30 years that I met Alice in the forests of Congo Basin while I was on a hunting trip. She with her pixie like hair, dark charcoal black eyes with childlike innocence was sitting on a rock. She was in pain. I was prepared to be attacked as our scents were unknown to each other, we were well aware of each other. We belonged to the same kind, the VAMPIRE kind. She startled me by not attacking me but addressing me by my name,” Hello Bella or you prefer Isabella?”

It was a beautiful voice but I could feel the suffering in it. 

“How you know my name?” the words rushed out of my mouth. She asked another question without replying my 1st question,” How are your eyes liquid gold?” she was shocked. 

‘Well I prefer animal blood upon human blood’.

She smiled,’we will have eons of time for discussions, but for now I am Alice Mary Brandon’ 

“I guess you are thirsty?” I continued in a friendly tone. 

“Yes, but I have to control myself. I don’t want to kill any more innocent lives.” 

“Oh!” I exasperated. “You don't have to kill humans to quench your thirst. I don't.” 

Her eyes shifted to a lighter color, “Is it possible?” she asked curiously her voice pitching up a higher octave. “Yes, I do it this way!” 

“Can you teach me how?” 

“Sure wanna go for a drink!” we both chimed are laughters. 

Since then we have been together…………….. 


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Alice and Jasper were out of the house for the most of the morning. But they were back before the school time. Alice was beaming and Jasper had a glint of a new happiness in his golden eyes. Carlisle and Esme were very happy for both of them. I was blessed that my sister and my BFF had finally had her companion to spend her eternity with. This though made me a bit jealous of her but my happiness was way ahead………
Carlisle left for the hospital; Rosalie, Alice, Jasper and I were getting ready for the school. Esme started cleaning the house.
The Cullens had an obsession of fast cars. The garage of the Cullen mansion held three cars at the moment. A black Mercedes, a white Bentley and a red Ferrari were the present cars of the Cullens. The Mercedes belonged to Carlisle which was usually at the hospital with him. Bentley was a gift to Esme. Rosalie was the owner of the red Ferrari and Jasper was still undecided what to get after he dumped his BMW.
We four took the Ferrari, Rose was driving, I sat in the front with Rose and Jasper and Alice sat in the back seat or should I say the ‘love seat’. Alice and I would be joining the school as the 2nd cousins of the Cullen family. Rose and Jasper waited for us while we both got our time tables. I had trigonometry with Alice whereas she had the rest of the classes with Jasper. Rose was a senior to us, well only in terms of school years.

The day passed in a blur. Everything was a repetition. Repeating high School for the 5th time was really very boring. At lunch time we all four sat on the farthest end of the cafeteria.
Our pale skin and our different features stood out from the ‘NORMAL’ humans around us,’ Obviously’
One could hear the constant whispers and murmurings about Alice and me, the new Cullens.
We didn’t eat anything, that was also very obvious, what is food to the humans is equivalent to dirt to us.
I had Biology and Biochem after lunch. I didn’t even paid attention to teacher’s name, after all what more could a High School teacher teach to a person holding two degrees in Medicine!
After the school was over Rose, Alice and Jasper were waiting for me in the parking lot. Rosalie drove us home and we all went into our rooms.
In the evening, Carlisle came to my room and asked me." Bella can we talk?......”

just keeps getting better as far as im concerned you should be an author.

Thatz a big cmment girl.. !!  :) Tnku so much..!!

love the update!!its fab!!can't wait for more!!
Thnks a lot Sarah !!
It means a lot to me.. :)
Love It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sure..Nxt coming up.. :)
I wish the chapters were longer you have sucked me in can't wait for the next installment!!!!!!!
Long chapter on its way..!!.. :)
Thnkoo so much fr liking it.. :)
Chapter 6 : My Story, My Past (Part-I )
I kept my book down which I was reading and replied.’ Sure Carlisle’
And I gestured him towards the couch.
I felt that he was feeling a bit awkward and then he asked, ‘Um…Bella how your new life began? Well how you became a vampire?’
I smiled at him. I could see the curiosity burning in his eyes. And he was trying with all his might to control it. I started to tell my past, my story to Carlisle. ‘Carlisle I was born I Manitoba, Canada in 1916. my parents were Fredrick and Agatha Swan. I had an elder sister named Kelsey. It was during the Easter holidays that my sister was about to get married to John Brandon. One day a new visitor met John and Kelsey while they were shopping for their wedding. He was very different from any of us. John was known for his friendly nature in the town. So, friendship struck between John and this new visitor. On the same evening John invited Kelsey and me for dinner at his place. I found the new visitor, Schwann there. John introduced us to each other. He was astonishingly beautiful, more gorgeous than any other Greek God. But his standout features were his pale white skin, a level of beauty that no human in the universe could have, and his eyes! His eyes were Carmine in color. When his eyes met mine, I quickly looked away. This scared me and gave me chills that ran down my spine. The entire night I could feel his eyes on me. I was too scared to look back into Schwann’s eyes. I had never ever seen anything like this before. But I gave myself a chance to look at him for once from the corner of my eyes I was shocked to see that the color of his eyes was not red anymore. They were a darker shade now! This was impossible! I could not trust my own eyes. I looked up to gaze into his eyes and they were growing darker and darker each second.

After dinner, John and Kelsey were busy talking about their wedding. We were in the garden of Schwann’s house that is when he asked me to go with him for a walk; I agreed not to behave rude.’
Carlisle was very much interested in my story. I felt that I might be boring him but his curious eyes told me that I should continue.
So I continued. ‘When we were alone on the street he suddenly picked me up in his arms and rushed towards the forest at a speed that was impossible for any human. I couldn’t understand it. At the same time he threw me on the forest ground. It was hard to believe that how could I reach the forest, even though it was around three kilometers away from John’s house, he looked at me as if I was his dinner and said,’ I was not thirsty today but your scent has made it uncontrollable for me.’ All I was able to notice in the dim moonlight was that now his eyes were charcoal black in color. I couldn’t understand even a single word that he said. I tried to speak something but my voice was lost in my throat. Then suddenly he lurched forward and he bit me on my neck under my ear. All of it happened very fast. Excruciating burning pain was spreading all over my body that made me scream and at the same time something very huge, an animal most probably a wolf, attacked Schwann. After that I couldn’t feel anything nor could I see anything. I wanted to scream but I knew that I was deep in the forest so nobody could hear me.
The pain had crossed every limit of my self control and made me scream loudly.But no one came for my help.. I guess it was after 3 days that I opened my eyes, I found myself buried deep under mud and leaves. I had to dig my way out. I realized that I could not breathe and the truth dawned upon me that I need not breathe. I stood on my feet and I realized how different everything was. Every tree was so different and unique and every particle in the air and on the ground was different. I saw that it was night time but everything was as clear as a crystal to my eyes. I could hear every single thing. The wind blowing leaves rustled by it, a river running close by and air. I could smell in new scents. Almost everything was new. I could smell mud, air, water, leaves, different flowers and many other things.
Carlisle asked me that was I all alone in the forest when I woke up and I nodded in response and continued.’ Suddenly I heard someone was moving close to me at a very high speed. And after a few seconds a tall, dark and an extraordinarily beautiful woman was standing in front of me, a few meters away from me.’
Hey Aagu tht's awesome i would wait for edward dear keep updating me..


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