The Twilight Saga

Hey guys! This is my twilight. Fanfic hope you guys. Like itt
-this story is about a girl who has everything except for one thing... A guy to love her and to be together forever
Bella's POV.
My name is Isabella Marie Swan, everyone says that I'm perfect, they all say I'm beautiful, talented, that I have a very very kind heart but mostly everyone loves me and a lot of girls are jealous of me because I always amaze
People. But there is something I want something that I would give any thing for.... Love
So if you have nothing, you have to lose. But if you have everything
Wil you risk it to have the thing you want most, even if you know that when you fail you'll have nothing?
Plz comment so that if you like the preface I can post a story, plz comment

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It sounds good!


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