The Twilight Saga

Gabriella was a normal girl; the boy she thought that was the one broke her heart. She was broken yes but she recovered. Then when she moves away from her country; fate hits her again and her future changes maybe forever.

What will happen when she meets the Cullen’s? Will she give herself a chance to love again? Or she will keep living in the past suffering for the one who broke her heart?



I was on the second semester of my senior year of high school, I was an average girl was pretty and had a lot of friends and we were so cool. I was enjoying my year, but then for a little mistake my heart was broken. Then when I finally recovered and started my journey to college, my life gave a 360 turn and my future changed forever…My name is Gabriella Elizabeth Swan and this is my story!




Chapter 1 (My last human days)
New Year:

It was the first day of my second semester of senior year; I went to school and straight to see my friends. We were happy to see each other, the day went without any problem it was a great week! We were on the second week of January when I made my first move of the biggest mistake of my life.


He's name was Omar he was on 12-1 and I was on 12-2 the best and coolest group. My friends Ady, Mara and I were on the health classroom talking with the teacher about prom, and he passed by and poked me on my ribs because I was on his way, I let him pass and forget the incident. Then 3 days later I took revenge and poked him back and that was the day that started it all...


I knew Omar he had studied with me since middle school but we didn't talk much till now, the days passed and I began to talk to him, have lunch and hangout. We shared cell numbers and started talking I even hurried at 2:10 pm that it was my free period; I even ditched my friends and went to wait for him outside. I asked him about his life and vice versa we talked a lot I thought he was well not perfect but fine. One day we gathered at the library and he checked my Mp3 player and fixed it with juts a simple check on his laptop, I was amazed!

When we came out it was raining so I took out my umbrella and he hold it for me while I carried his PC, I was really flushed by this gesture. So the days passed, we went to lunch outside school to a Chinese rest. Nearby we went there a lot of times.

On one day he comes in the morning and tells me'' I got to talk with you later'' and I said ''ok, let’s talk'' but it was the end of the recess and we both got classes got physics and he had advanced English.

At 2:10 when I went to the usual spot I see he is not there I asked one of his annoying freshman friends’’ have you seen Omar?''

‘‘No he left on the bus 20 minutes ago'' he said ''crap’ shouted he left me with the doubt ''damn it''...


I was so hyper I was wondering what Omar wanted, but I just forget about it and went home. It was around 6:45 pm when I was finishing my chores when my cell phone rang with Omar’s ring tone. I literally ran to pick it up.

’’Hello ‘I said ’hi’’ he answered.

‘How are you?’’ I asked ‘’I’m fine, just wondering about something I have to tell you’’.

’’Yes ask me anything’’ I told him.

‘’would you like to be my girlfriend?’’ My heart started beating really fast, I was ready for this but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a joke so I acted really dumb.

‘’can you repeat that last?’ I said ’’would you like to be my GF’’ he asked again.

‘’yes of course’’ I answered.


Kissing attempt:

The next day I went with Omar to the gestation near school cuz he wanted a snack, ha bought something and in half of the way he gave me some. In 41/2 of the way he tried to kiss me but since I dint know in the exact moment I turned my head and he missed my mouth.

‘’opss’’ I apologized I dint know u should have told me what you wanted to do, ’’I’m really sorry’’.

’’That’s ok he told me ‘one part of me wanted the kiss but I don’t know’’. ‘’oh ok’’ I said really ashamed of myself.

So after that awkward and odd moment everything was ok. After that day he dint try to kiss me again but I dint see anything wrong with that. The days passed and we were so ‘’happy’’ the only thing that was bothering Omar was that I couldn’t stand his friends, that is so not true they were all jealous because he was spending time with me ,that bunch of losers and idiots!! I told him that they were so wrong and he believed me of course, but that was not the end of it…

February & First Kiss:

The days passed, and February came this was my favorite month because of two reasons: First thus was love and friendship month, and second I was turning finally eighteen in just a few days! I didn't know Omar hated this month until I told him about my happiness.

He hated this month because in the past years he had not have anyone to spend it with, he was always alone in this time of year, but this year was the exception cuz this year he got me of course. But still he wasn't that eager about it.

The days sped up we where together almost every free time we got and everybody was noticing and he was getting more annoyed every day ,cuz we were still secretly dating like had asked from the beginning’s the days passed and the day finally arrived February the 12th my birthday day!!! I was so happy finally eighteen.

I did my morning routine and went to school like every other day, all my friends Ryan,Rose,Emma,Lea,Tiara,Janice,Jakie,Mara and Ady greeted and congratulate me when I went with them it was the perfect day! I decided that I was going to do whatever I wanted so at recess Omar called me and told me he wasn't going to get lunch so I decided to follow him.

I went where he was and sit by him and after a few minutes he caught me off guard he caressed my cheek and then put my face close to his, my heart started running so fast It was hammering inside me and then suddenly he kissed me, it was our first kiss and he decided to give it on the most special day my birthday day! I was the best gift I got so far. It was the biggest happiest day of my life. The days passed and the problems started to arrive...


As the days passed the graduation was near, Omar was being a little stupid over the last couple of days!!! I don't know out of nowhere he started treating me like if I was scum he started to humiliate me in front of his stupid friends and saying that I was a stalker and crazy.

When I asked him why he was being this way he just said that he was doing it to blow a cover, cuz people started asking him what was going on between us and he obviously say nothing was going on because of our stupid a agreement of not telling anyone.

I was so annoyed and pissed! But things didn't stop there when we talked on the phone he looked for every excuse available to hung me up it was so unfair I always did the things I got to do before the time to call him and he did the opposite he leaved everything so when I called he had an excuse to hang up on me.

I was getting annoyed but shut my mouth because I did not wanted another excuse for a fight or argument between us again, stupid as I was I always did what he told me I was like his toy (I laughed when I thought of this) but however the truth of all this mess was still missing when was it going to end?...

School was getting a little bit annoying trough the last weeks and I started again with drama, since I was the co-writer of this year's school play.

I had to be there for rehearsals cuz I was also on the play, so in between my drama rehearsals school work and Omar I was getting frustrated cuz he was being more stupid every stinking day!.

He was so selfish and he was not caring for what I felt anymore, all my friends wanted to kill him they were all like:

''dude you got one of the coolest girls in school and you are doing this to her you are so stupid''

I was getting too dramatic on my phone calls and he was starting to take an evasive reaction. I wanted to be with him but he said that I was killing the passion, so not true he was the bastard in this!! He was the one who did not wanted to fight for our’ love''.

I was sick of fighting for something that was not valuable anymore, I was being weak because I loved him and knew that he loved me back or that was what I thought...


I was being late for class again, I was on the second floor stairways when I heard my name being called, I turned around and it was Omar who called me.

''I want to talk to you now'' he told me. ‘‘Spit it out ‘I responded a bit sour.

‘‘Well I had made my decision about us'' he said in a cool tone like if this subject was a casual conversation topic.

''Well?'' I asked a bit annoyed.

After all he had done in the past month nothing he said to me now could hurt me anymore.

''I thought this trough and for the best of both of us sakes it will be better if we break up’ he spilled the words like bullets they crashed directly into my heart, but I acted cool like he hadn't do anything to me, well his words at least.

That was the final word we spoke that day we never spoke to each other after that, but when I went home I cried my heart out for three weeks and after that I knew the truth...


My friends Jenny and Lea told me that they had something to tell me about Omar, I eagerly listened to them because they said it was important. They told me the truth about our relationship, they said that all was in revenge because of all the times he has been reacted and dumped by his other ex-girlfriends that never lasted more than 2 months.

So in his desire for revenge he decided to ruin my life, he was so immature and I was glad that finally I knew the truth. After that I decided that I didn’t have to cry for him anymore one day I woke up and suddenly I didn’t remembered what had happened. I continued my life like he had never existed and ignored him for the last days at school.

Because of what he did he lost the friendship of Jenny and her brother Joe who were also friends of him. Joe was furious because of this he sided with me and never answered his calls ever again. He lost a great friend thank god! Cuz Joe is in no need for a friend like him. So days went on and the final school days finally arrived and it was time to say goodbye...



Chapter# 2 (My last human days part 2)
School end and Goodbyes:

The end of the school year arrived this was the day we were waiting since 10th grade the moment when we all said goodbye to each other for ever.

Since the last events I was still a bit sentimental and this day hit me like lightning, I didn’t want to say goodbye to my friends we have been together since 10th grade we were more than friends we were like brothers and sisters. But time was not our friend and the clock hit the final hour for us!

We were never going to see each other again and for me that was awful because I won a scholarship to Dartmouth and nobody knew that yet I didn’t want to tell cuz I didn’t want to see their faces, it would be too much for me to handle. I was the first one to leave; I hugged my friends and told them that no matter where we were I will never forget them.

We had a lot of memories and they were good. I also told them that I will always have a place in y heart and that they could count on me. So after that I hurried to the car without looking back I didn’t want to see them crying. After three years it was hard to say goodbye...

Graduation day & Prom night:

The graduation finally arrived I woke up early because the ceremony was at 9:00am sharp I dressed had breakfast did my makeup and hurried to the car my mom came a few mines later and off we went we took an alternate route that took us less time.

when I got there all my classmates and friends were there we lined up in pairs I ended lined up with my Bff Ady we entered together and we both fought back our tears, we have been best friends since Ady came new on11th grade.

She was the icing while I was the cake, she was on top and I was right behind her!! The ceremony flowed on its course and cause and it was getting very emotive. They started saying the names for the awards:

''and now we will give the names for the drama medal:

Gabriella Elizabeth Swan, Ady Marie Evans and Omar Carmichael Smith'' those were our most valuable actor and helpers’’

(Omar was the DJ big whoop).

after a lot of name calling they finally started calling for diplomas:

''and last but not least the coolest girl from this graduating class, miss Gabriella Elizabeth Swan''

well now let’s receive on the stage or school headmaster and headmistress: “Good morning parents friends, and class this is a very important day''

they started blabbing about school and blah, blah.

''and finally the moment you all have been waiting for, with the power that this school district gives me I declare you officially graduated''

We all started shouting and graduation caps flew everywhere, I threw mine as high as I could go and It landed on my side. That was it that was the end of high school these were the last hours we've got together I couldn’t believe that after all this years it was actually happening! I hugged Ady, Jeny, Tiara, Rose and some of my near classmates, we were all very sentimental but I did not cry.

Maybe it was because I was dry after all those crying nights I did not have any more tears left on me. We went of the salon and out to the hallway to say goodbye I promised all that we'll see each other at prom and left...




Finally the night of nights arrived I was excited because this is supposed to be the best night of all senior year and because I knew that certain person wasn't going to be there. It was going to be the best night ever; I arrived at 8:00pm sharp like it said on the invite. I was American on time stuff I hated being late, I arrived with my friend Jenny and started taking picks with our cameras till people started arriving to the salon.

The night went without any problem, we ate dinner at 9:00pm and after that the real party started, the music started louder and we hurried to the dance floor. We danced as a group since we did not have dates.

''Who needs a guy?” I thought to myself.

We were having lots of fun we took a lot of pictures and some of them were so cute! It was the best night ever I danced till I could barely stand on y feet! It was really what I expected and more I was really the night of nights...




New future the story of Gabriella Swan part 2:


Chapter 3:

Leaving the Island:


Two weeks after graduation I received a letter from Dartmouth saying that they selected me for a freshman honor program plus they gave new students a month of vacation paid by the institution. I accepted and packed my entire not so new and new wardrobe. For the trip they gave you options so I decided I will go to Seattle first, washing ton D.C and then to Washington state to the city of forks to be exact I know that that city didn’t hold anything interesting but I wanted to go anyway.


I arrived at the airport two hours before the flight departure I went, alone I did not want any more goodbyes and since my mom does not care, I went by myself. The flight departed from the Puerto Rico International Airport at 4:00 pm on July 11 It was a long flight.


 I distracted myself with thinking I thought about a lot of stuff, first that this was the last time I was going to see the land where I lived for 18 years. I remembered that when I was a little more immature I said that the day I put a foot on a plane to leave this island I was never coming back. This seemed like the best time I am a legal adult with a scholarship to one of the most important colleges of the United States.


 Dartmouth was the best option because, if they rejected my application I was going to be forced to enter the University of Puerto Rico not the best choice, not because the school wasn’t good is just that I hated the fact that I could end up going to the same school as Omar, no not a chance I thought to myself.

I arrived in Washington D.C in the morning cuz the trip was with no scales.

I took a taxi and went to the hotel I made my check in and hurried to my suite to rest because I had barely slept on the plane.


I took a bath instead of a shower it felt nice, I changed into my favorite pajamas and went to bed, I sat on the end and grabbed the phone; I called room service and ordered a sandwich. I ate I brushed my teeth and turned on the TV after changing channels for more than 20 minutes I drifted to sleep.


 I spent two weeks in D.C I saw the tourist sites and did some shopping it was perfect being alone in this foreign country where no one knew you I felt like I was ready for the college change and that the becoming years were going to be the best! I went to see the white house and to the Smithsonian museum it was very interesting and a great learning opportunity for me. I took many picks with my camera of almost everything!


On July 24, I departed to forks Washington, for this trip I decided not to take a plane I rented a car and drove the whole way. I frequently stopped and stayed in small beds and breakfast if I was too tired.

I went there and hiked with a group of tourists guided by and expert hiker who was the guide guy.


 After spending a week and three days in Washington, I made my check out of the hotel and went on the run again I was supposed to return the car when I arrived to Dartmouth cuz the company will come for it. I was going to be part of the Dartmouth summer freshman program that started on 14 days.


I was near the border line between the town of Forks and port Angeles enjoying the rarely sunny day, because I was on a road trip from Washington to Pennsylvania (yeah I know is way to far but I wanted it that way) Then I was taking a plane to New Hampshire, I was waiting for a red light to turn green, when it happened…



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So what this is where u end up with edward? i like it so far but im confused......
I liked it. I would like to read more.
Hello Zaicha! Please post more since I'm beginning to read this story all over again since you made some changes to my original draft and I love it very much. Keep up the good work and post the next chapters soon. I will speak with you in a little while I was just busy reading and didn't keep track of time. I hope tomorrow you update the chapters per your promise? Have a good weekend and I will text you over the weekend. I love this story so much keep me updated! Thanks!
here are chapters 20 & 21

Chapter 20
Events before the wedding:

*this chapter has a lot of information that will keep you in the edge and maybe you will want to kill me after you read!

* All the events were too short to make them separate chapters. And this story has a lot more so I added all this to this chapter.

First event: Omar

This are the last days before the wedding and as the paper promised we made the cover, I was reading it with Edward in the penthouse’s balcony while Alice drove everyone else crazy and up and down with some preparations, even though the wedding was four days ahead.

Late in the morning I was getting a rest of Alice by taking a walk in a shadowed part of the garden of the hotel, I was concentrated on this when I saw something that caught me by surprise…

I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw, right there in front of me was Omar, he was looking at me smiling with a tentative smile. I looked at him and he was different, he was less fat that the last time I saw him, his dental imperfection was repaired and he wore modern eyeglasses. On his hand he was holding a copy of the paper.

“Hi Gabriella” he said waiting.

“Are you talking to me?” I asked playing dumb.

“Yes Gabriella I’m talking to you” he said.

“Well I think you are taking me wrong because my name is not Gabriella sorry” I said laughing internally.

“Gabriella you don’t remember me?” he asked, “i’m Omar from high school don’t you remember me at all?” he asked doubting.

“Why should I remember you?” I asked humor in my sarcastic voice.

Then I acted like if I had remembered and snapped…

“ oh, now I remember… , how dare you to talk to me after all you did; don’t you have dignity or you just keep being the same jerk you were five years ago?” I snapped at him enjoying the look in his stupid face.

“I see you haven’t forgot about that, after all this time even though you are getting married in a few days from now” he said serious.

“No bastard is not that I forgot or not, is just that fact that you come here after five years and pretend that everything is fine, you talk to me like if we were old friends, how can you be so jerk?” I snapped at him furious I acted like this but inside me my soul was hurting again.

“How do you even have the gut to come and stand in front of me after what you did? I almost die because of you and here you are five years later acting like if anything happened and thinking that I will fall again for you? Are you insane” I said angry, and noticed someone was holding my shoulder it was Emmett.

“Is there something wrong sis? I was looking for you and I saw you arguing, what is wrong?” Emmett asked

“Don’t worry bro I got this one on my own, go, I shall join you in a moment please leave I call you if I need you.” I said and he walked away.

“Another thing and please do as I tell you don’t tell Edward or Alice or anyone about what you just saw, please Emmett.”

“Whatever you say sis” he said backing away clenching his fists.

“Who is that?” Omar asked watching Emmett.

“One of my brothers in law, is there a problem with that?” I asked sarcastically smiling.

We stood there for 5 minutes looking at each other while the healed pieces of my un-beating heart were shaking.

I was acting brave but I knew I was faking, way deep inside of me I was feeling the pain that almost broke me once.

This was so out of order why does destiny do this to me now? after all the happy years I had with Edward, the Cullen’s and my dearest friends? This was so unfair; didn’t I deserve to be happy just for once before someday in my existence I die and my soul is condemned to hell?
I don’t know what I was feeling, I was confused I loved Edward, I was just one step of spending the rest of the existence with him; but on the other hand I was somehow still hurt by Omar.

‘This was so wrong.’ I thought to myself while Omar watched me amazed.

“Why do you do this to me?” I asked him. “What do you mean?” he asked back.

“You come here days before my wedding and shake my whole world in a second” I snapped at him.

“Gabriella that is not my intention I just wanted to say that I’m sorry” he responded

“He is lying” a velvet voice murmured in my confused head.

It was Edward; how in the world could he know what i’m doing? Maybe Alice saw Omar before I saw him and had a vision or maybe jasper noticed the change in my mood and was trying to control it.

I ignored Edward and focused only on Omar.

“Bella listen to me he is lying to you, he is confusing you, he wants to take you away from me” he said angry in a murmur on my head.

“You wanted me to forgive you; after all this time?” I asked confused and angry.

“Yes Gabriella I wanted you to forgive me, I was stupid and ignorant, after you my life is been miserable” he confessed and I was perplexed.

“Omar I don’t know…” I started.

I deliberated for a few seconds and then made my decision.

“ok let’s do this, let me think about it and I will tell you my decision but you have to be patient what you are asking me takes some time to think about” I told him. did I really wanted to forgive him?

“Bella just tell him he is forgiven or not he will insist till you make you answer please don’t do this you are killing me” Edwards voice said pleading, but as before I ignored him.

“Leave before I regret this conversation and wait for my decision” I said and he left the way he came.

I stood there after he left I wanted to run away as the coward I was, I didn’t want to face Edward or any of them, so in my desperation I headed to the water edge and jumped in; I swam as far as I could go. But there in the middle of the ocean my mind didn’t gave me any rest, I kept torturing me with images of Edward and Omar the good and the bad; this was so wrong I was a monster the Volturi should come from Italy and kill me now…

“Bella please don’t do this” Edwards voice said so close that just to make sure it was a game from my imagination I turned around…

It was not a game Edward indeed was behind me looking straight to the water he was avoiding my eyes as much as I was avoiding his.

“Leave me alone I don’t want to see anyone not even you so please leave the way you came from” I asked sharp but he didn’t move.

“Bella please” he pleaded again. “No Edward” I responded sourly.

“Well you leave me no choice if you want this the bad way then you will have it” he said taking my hand in his closed fists.

“Come on Gabriella stop fidgeting” he said his voice sour, “this time it would be my way” he said getting me in his back while he swam to the coast.

Back in the hotel Edward set me on the ground and gave me a towel to dry off, we took the elevator to the penthouse; he opened the door, and both entered…

“Let’s dry off first and then I will show you something” he said taking the key from the other suite, a set of clothes, leaving me alone.

I did as he told me and went to the bathroom, I rushed the water and washed my hair, after that I took all the sand off me and stepped out.
I dressed on a simple day dress with sandals; I combed on some curling cream on my hair and went to the bedroom…

Edward was already there dry and dressed, he was holding a DVD, and he swiftly put it in the player and waited till I was seated in the sofa.
He hit play and went to sit by me but not close, his expression was firm and when he spoke his voice was sharp.

“I hope that when you see this, you open your eyes and mind and for once and for ever see who the one who deserves you is” he said not looking at me…
Event two: The final truth

*in this event there is a full demonstration of Alice’s will of getting her way and how power full jasper’s mood controlling power can be. Also all the things you will read in this part of this chapter about Bella, are actually real so please don’t judge. Of course i’m no longer like that he made me change, i’m different but he is actually saying the truth.*

In the DVD there was an interview done by Alice and jasper to Omar I dint know how Alice convinced Omar to re-tell his past with me, maybe it was because she always gets her way or just the fact that jasper was controlling his mood.

They introduced and told the meaning of the of the interview, they said they were doing research on psychology, human behavior and trauma caused by events on earlier life.

“Can you tell me if you ever hurt anyone, it doesn’t matter if is a family member friend or girl” she asked Omar emphasizing the word ‘girl’.

He doubted for a second but with the help of jasper he answered.

“Well there is this girl…” he started doubting. “Go on” Alice demanded.

“Her name is Gabriella swan, she was my girlfriend on the last months of senior year of high school, and everything was good in the beginning…” he said

“Then what happened?” jasper asked

“Well I told her to maintain it as a secret, and she stupidly agreed I did it to protect my reputation” he told them.

“What reputation?” Alice asked using her curious tone

“well is just that Gabriella since middle school, well she was always kind of immature; I mean she was always living in fantasy, she always participated in the school’s talent shows and plays. She was an imitator, she never lived being herself she was always someone else, she believed in fairy tales and fantasy stories; The worst thing is that every time someone teased, bugged or made fun of her instead of saying something she started crying” he told them this with all the details.

He was telling stuff that I never told any of them not even Edward, in all the time I know them, and this was so humiliating and embarrassing.

“There is nothing wrong with that” jasper said “I mean, come on everyone had live in fantasy sometime in their life that is not a crime” he said smiling.

“well is just that she was so into it I mean she truly believed that her life was a soap opera or novel and that she was the main character” Omar said disgusted.

“Well actually life is like a book and every day we write a new page, I mean we learn something new and most important we learn from our mistakes” Alice said smiling also.

“But what does that has to do with your reputation?” jasper asked again.

“well is just that I knew what everyone was going to say to me if they found out about us, they were going to start making fun of me just because I was with her, and I didn’t want that at all” he admitted with the same excuse he gave me years ago, my question is who was more immature; Me because I believed in prince charming or him because that stupid excuse?

“But people change Omar, didn’t she changed at all after that?” Alice asked serious.

“well she stopped crying, but the fantasy thing got worse, she was all over fantasy and fiction books, she was reading a love story that had four parts about a vampire and a human girl (this is true, while I was with Omar I was starting to read The twilight saga he hated it of course… well actually he hated Edward as much I hated his animee stuff. No offence but he was like a damn freak of those things) and she was literally obsessed with the male vampire character; that made me go crazy. When she was with her friends all they did was talk about that.” he said sourly (yeah we were so team Edward + hard Twilighters)

All this time Edward had his hands closed in fists looking straight to the TV screen, While the almost healed hole in my un beating heart hurt like it never did before.
It was hard to hear the real truth this way. And knowing that Alice and jasper also new made me mad, I mean this were my secrets, which I blocked on my mind to Edward.
I didn’t want him to know about them even knowing that confidence was the best in every relationship.

“But then if you knew that, why did you asked her to be with you?” jasper asked now getting serious and to the actual point of their “interview”.

“ is just that the way she treated me… no one ever treated me like that, she really cared for me and physically she had what I liked even though she had a little more face marks to my personal taste but It wasn’t that bad at all” he admitted.

“Then what happened with her next?” Alice asked softly.
“problems started and we were fighting all the time for everything, is just that my friends hated when she was with us and even though she always said I was wrong, I knew she hated being with them also; so every time they said something that bugged or pissed her and I did nothing to stop it she got mad and when she called me on the evenings we fought. So I got sick of it” he said brushing his hair and taking a deep breath.

“So you broke up with her?” jasper asked

“well I gave her another chance that lasted a week but after that, I decided to finish what I started, I knew she loved me but I just that I got sick of her, I asked her to be friends and she agreed but that made her suffer even more when Eliza came to my life again” he said.

This I knew; he still loved her and that he left me for her I didn’t have to listen to it again so I got to my feet at that moment Edward did the same and stopped me.

“Bella there is more” Edward said in his perfect velvet murmur.

“I know this part and I’m not hearing it again so I’m going to see Maghelena” I told him but he didn’t let go.

“no Gabriella Elizabeth Swan you are staying here, I said that today it was going to be my way no highway option” he told me sharp, he seated by me in the sofa again but this time he was holding my hands so firm that if I wasn’t vampire it would get me a bruise.

He pressed play again and the DVD started from the last part…

“Who is that?” jasper asked him. He deliberated for a split second but with jaspers power he relaxed and answered.

“She was my first girlfriend when I was in 11th grade she was a freshman, we broke up after just a month and after her other 14 did the same” he admitted.

“I was devastated by this so I decided not to fall for anyone, I was a fool, deep down I still loved Eliza but she ignored and hated me. so I decided that since I had been dumped so many times I wanted to do the same to someone just to know how it felt to make someone suffer like that, so since she willingly and stupidly fell for me I decided that she could be the one, cuz I knew that she wasn’t going to do anything if it turned bad so she was perfect”

he said without caring, I felt Edwards rage rising he was going to lose it so I pressed stop and took his face in my hands looking directly to his topaz eyes; he avoided my look but gently placed his hands on top of mine, he gave a big breath and then he reopened his eyes giving me the crooked smile I loved.
“I’m ok so let’s finish with this before the others come” he said

“No Edward I don’t want to see or hear anything else I’ve heard enough, I knew he was doing some kind of revenge with me my friends told me after he left me so there is nothing more for me to do. I have made my decision I chose you Edward Cullen for once and for all I’m sick of hurting you so to hell with Omar you are the one who truly deserves me; we are going to get married in three days and after that is till we both shall live and I hope is forever” I finished and he smiled again kissing my hands.

He forwarded the DVD till the end were Omar confessed that if he ever saw me again, he was going to convince me to go back with him no matter what because Eliza left him 3 years ago, and he regretted leaving me ever since she left.

Edward took off the DVD and with a small movement he broke it in half and with just one shot he put it in the trash, he took me in his arms and caressed my face, he enjoyed the smell of my recently washed hair. I started to kiss him slowly but then he grabbed my face and we kissed passionately, we stayed in our side of the penthouse for almost an hour, at 3:00 pm we decided to go and look for the others before Alice came for us; she was a bit temperamental since this morning and she would be wondering where I am soon enough to send someone to look for us.

Event three: decision

Edward and I decided to tell Omar my decision together so that this time I didn’t finish like before confused, we asked Alice, jasper and Maghelena to be there with us.
That night Esme and Carlisle went to the museum while Rose and Emmett went to a night club with Miosotis, Nikki and Joel.

We went to the restaurant and waited for Omar, he arrived at the decided time but when he got closer to the table he froze when he saw jasper Alice and Edward. I made a giggle and Maghelena smiled with malice while jasper settled things down on the mood side…

“Good evening Omar I’m glad that you accepted my dear beloved fiancée’s invitation” I said as an ice breaker.

“Well this is my sister in law Mary Alice and her husband Jasper Hale.
On this side this is my maid of honor and best friend Maghelena, and last but not least my soon to be husband Edward Cullen” I said while Edward shook Omar’s shaking hand.

“Hi nice to meet you Maghelena and…Edward” he responded.

“first what goes first why the hell didn’t you two told me when you visited me two years ago that you were Gabriella’s in laws?” he asked jasper and Alice incredulous.

“Well is none of your business we were making an investigation project” alice responded her bell like voice sour.

“Relax love” jasper said.

“Why don’t we take our seats and discuss politely” Maghelena suggested with a smile. “yeah that seems prudent” I said and we all seated.

We all ordered “dinner” before getting to the key point of the reunion, Edward was getting tense despite jaspers power I was as relaxed as I could be, alice was on her best behavior and Maghelena was as relaxed as a feather in the wind.

Omar was at his breaking point, he felt awkward tricked and really odd.

“Well know that we are all adequately fed let’s get down to business and finish with this irrational situation” Maghelena said smiling she was enjoying this as jasper was.

“ well Omar I asked you to come because I have made my decision and as you noted tonight I already saw the interview yesterday , it cleared all my thoughts and helped me to see things better” I said and all of them were paying attention to me.

“Well what have you decided?” Omar asked slowly.

“Despite the interview I decided that I will forgive you even though you don’t regret what you did to me until you were alone and hurt by Eliza as I told you she will do” I said and he looked down.

“I know you told me that I shouldn’t look for you if she left me, you were right I lost my chance and now is too late you are just a few hours away of committing to marry Edward and even though I don’t deserve it you are forgiving me Gabriella, you give me more than I deserve you always did and I didn’t appreciate it” he admitted ashamed.

“Yes she have been very subtle with you, and she is not letting me give you what you really deserve” Edward said sharp.

“Edward please behave yourself remember he is not worth it” Alice said with a huge grin.

“Ok I didn’t come here to hear your insults I only agreed to talk with Gabriella” Omar said angry.

“Okay gentlemen settle down you don’t want to make a scene here” Maghelena said humor on her tone.

“But I asked them to come, besides I can do whatever I want” I told them.

“So finally you are forgiven despite my Edwards wish of breaking you face, you may go in peace I mean it” I said while he just took deep breaths.

“Yeah leave now before I lose it, and be grateful that this conversation was done Bella’s way” Edward said taking my hand.

“Bella’s way?” Omar asked

“Yes Bella is my nick name well no actually no one calls me Gabriella anymore, everyone calls me Bella” I said trying to control the mood.

“Oh ok I get it now’’ Omar said standing up.

“Well Bella take care and be happy, so my wishes to you, thanks for your unconditional care despite my behavior and good luck on your wedding day.” he said shaking my hand he shuddered a bit at my touch; but made no questions.

He left the way he came from; we pay the check and left the restaurant. It was only 9:30 pm Alice wanted to go to the casino so jasper and Maghelena followed her while Edward and I went to the beach.

We sat in the sand but since Edward was so tense I made a ball of sand and threw it to him he smiled and got to his feet throwing one at me we started a sand fight, then I raced him to the ocean’s edge, he grabbed me off my feet and kissed me.

When he released me I soaked him with water and he did the same thank god I was wearing a simple dress that I bought in the souvenir shop I didn’t want a fight with Alice, then I made a race to the other side of the beach, he cheated and won, sometimes he acted so like Emmett!

After that we went to our room and changed clothes again we went down to the lobby and in that moment Carlisle and Esme returned from the museum.

We went to the casino and found the others to my surprise Alice had more money than she bet on obviously she knew which games were better and she was a master in poker and black jack so she made some cash. After a while Edward and I went for a walk on the capital area it was a beautiful night and Edward wanted to be with me because tomorrow he wasn’t allowed to see me after 7:00pm because we both had bachelor parties, so he was enjoying every second we had left.

It was passed 3:00am when we returned to the hotel Edward and I went to our side or the suite and prepared for the night. after I dressed for the night I sat by Edward on the bed he put his arm around me and started reading were he left last night he was reading me A Mid Summers Night Dream he did this almost every two nights a week he loves reading to me, we spent the night like that and at the dawn we always opened the windows and watch the sunrise together.

In the morning we had a lot to do so we separated, he went with the guys while the others and I went to our business outside, and Alice was awesome! The garden was looking great.
in the middle of the day we all went to the salon to see how the decoration was coming but Alice kicked me out before it was done cuz she wanted it to be a surprise.

At five pm she told us girls that it was time to go and get ready for the bridal shower, before leaving I called Edward and asked him to please make sure that Joel goes to sleep at 2:00am, he agreed and gave me a goodbye kiss, and I left to get ready…
chapter 21!! (wedding is comming sooooon!!!)

Chapter 21
Bridal shower:

I was already dressed so I went down to the gazebo were my bridal shower supposed to be, I was wearing a turquoise top with white trousers with a beautiful pair of heels that Maghelena brought me from her quick trip to Germany. I sat in one of the benches beside the present’s table which was already filled with boxes and bags. One of the hotel workers that passed by stopped and went to where I was seating…

“Is there something wrong miss?” he asked maybe because of the look on my face I was deeply on my thoughts and maybe I looked worried.

“What?” I asked seating straight

“I was asking if there was something wrong, because you looked worried that is all” he responded

“Oh is nothing at all I was just thinking” I told him.

He stared at me for a few minutes examining me in wonder like if he has seen my face some other place but he forgot where…

“Hey I think I’ve seen you somewhere else besides today is just that I can’t remember where” he admitted.

“Really?” I asked in a humor sarcastic tone.

“Yes… oh now I remember you were on last Wednesday paper” he said

“Yes that is true um…?” I was going to say is name but I remembered I didn’t know it.

“Oh, my name is Richard Montez sorry” he said

“Well nice to meet you Richard, I’m Bella swan” I told him

“So what is all this for?” he asked looking at the decorations in the gazebo and the table full of gifts.

“Oh is just a bridal shower, I must correct my bridal shower” I stated and he smiled.

“So for you are all the preparations that have been done by a short girl with black spiky hair that is been driving all the hotels employees crazy?” he said smiling.
“Yes and let me tell you that I’m really sorry about Alice she is uncontrollable” I said and he laughed

“Well actually I’m the one who is in charge of this celebration I mean I will be your waiter, so ask for me if you need something. It was nice to meet you Miss Swan and congratulations, if you need me just ask” when he was about to leave we both heard a motorcycle and to my surprise it was Nikki.

“Nikki what in the world…?” I asked

“Hi bells ready for tonight?” she asked me hopping of her new vehicle.

She was wearing a leather coat with boots, when she touched ground she unbuttoned the coat, and under it she was wearing a yellow short dress that looked awesome with the boots. She saw Richard and as she always did flirted with him.

‘Oh my God! How much centuries will have to pass for Nikki to change?’ I asked to myself after Richard left and Nikki seated by me…

“You are not going to change are you?” I told her while Maghelena arrived and Nikki placed her present in the table.

“No not if another century passes my dearest Bella” she told me seating again.

“Hi sis” Maghelena said placing her presents also and sitting at the other bench.

Miosotis arrived next and she placed her box also in the table.

After a few minutes while we recounted a lot of memories from Dartmouth, Richard arrived again and to my astonishment he wasn’t alone he was surrounded by my human friends, my dearest friends that I haven’t seen in 4 years or so; but whom I stayed in touch with by mail and internet. (Thank God for Facebook & MySpace)

They were all there Ady, Rose, Jenny and lea; since this is a girl’s party Ryan didn’t come but Rose told me that he will be here tomorrow for the ceremony. They all placed their gifts and after that I introduced them to my girls but they already knew them because of my pictures and all the stories I told about them, they seated also. They all came early it was 6:50 and we were all there.

“So what you guys had been up to in all this time?” I asked them

“Well we all finished studying and Ryan also” lea said to all of us.

“Well I’m very well with my boyfriend do you remember him Gabriella?” Ady asked me

I tried to remember him ummm… ah! Of course Manuel yes I’m very glad” I said

“But when are you getting married?” I asked her “well we don’t know but I hope is soon” she answered

“Hey did Bella tell you guys that I’m from Germany?” Maghelena asked.

“Ahh… no she didn’t, but how did you ended up in the same school as her?” Rose asked

“Well I was looking for a new place, and Dartmouth offered what I was looking for so, I applied and they accepted me. Bella and the girls welcomed me, and we became good friends till today” Maghelena responded with her smile.

After that the Cullen female members arrived with Alice in the front.

“It’s time, its time, and its time” she exclaimed while Esme and Rosalie placed more presents on the full table.

“Hi girls are you ready to have a good time?” Alice asked and we all nodded

“Ah but before you begin the torture I have to introduce you guys” I said while I pulled them closer to my human friends.

“Guys these are Edwards’s adopted sisters Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale” I said while they saluted

“And last but not least this is Edwards mother Esme” I said while Esme gave them one of her greatest hugs.

“Well now let’s get started” Alice said “as you all know we are here to celebrate Bella’s end of being single, and I just wanted to say that I’m very grateful that she accepted my brother; despite all the events that happened recently… she made a wise decision. Another thing is that I will be there for you whenever you need me and I’m really, really happy that you gave me the chance to make this wedding for you” Alice said hugging me.

“Well that was really sweet darling…” Esme said solemnly.

“I also want to say something, Bella you have been my daughter in a way; I love you as one of my own children and I give you thanks for this, you and my son deserved to be happy and I’m glad that you are doing it with each other. You make a lovely couple and I know how much Edward loves you and how much you love him, so thanks Bella” she said caressing my face

I was overwhelmed with this if I could cry I would be right now, but they didn’t stop there and Rosalie talked also…

“Well Bella I’m really happy for you, and I also thank you for accepting Edward. you deserve him and he deserves you, you were the one he was waiting for, and now you both complement each other so that is all; and I give you my best wishes” Rosalie finished

After that Richard came with some fine appetizers and drinks he also brought champagne.

The girls ate and drank while we used the façade again. Alice turned the radio on with soft ballads my favorites of course, one of the songs was a bit fast and Nikki demonstrated her dancing skills with Ady, while we all laughed and took pictures.

After another round of drinks and food Alice made a toast in my honor, we danced more but when Alice noticed the time it was 10:45 so Alice called us to open the presents…
Before this I was really calm, but now I was tense I didn’t know what was inside of all of those boxes and bags, I had some clues but after opening the first one my fears were true.

The first gift was from Rosalie and I knew that she didn’t bought it on her own, Alice’s hands maybe in this also, it was a very revealing night gown black full of laces it was really pretty but it was too much for me to handle.

Next was one from my human friend’s gifts it was from jenny, she gave me a red silk Victoria’s secret pajamas, at least someone thought about actual night gowns even though I don’t sleep.

“Thanks Jenny you are always the most eloquent of all” I told her and she smiled.

Next I took Maghelena box it was a night gown but not as revealing as Rosalie’s it was red and it came with its own wrap around to use on top of it just when needed of course. Next I opened Nikki’s it was also lingerie, I hated them so much for all of this gifts; my god these girls didn’t let anything to imagination! Next Esme took her turn to calm me down, hers was like Maghelena a normal night gown with a wrap around but hers was shorter and white.

“Thanks Esme you also think wisely” I said smiling while she placed another box in front of me.

“Another one from you Esme?” I asked and she just smiled.

I opened it and it was another wrap around this one was black so it means that I could use it with all of the other night gowns

“Thanks Esme” I murmured

“Oh no honey that is not what makes it different look at the right side of it”
I did as she told me and indeed this one was different on the right side there was a inscription, my initials “BC” as I will be called after tomorrow I was flattered.

“Thanks Esme you always think ahead and you always made a good choice”.

“Thanks honey i’m very glad you love it” Esme said smiling wider.

Next I opened Miosotis present it was a black bathing suit, why in the world would I need a bathing suit for ?I didn’t know where my honey moon was so I didn’t know If I needed it maybe Alice told her to buy it for me. Still I liked it black bathing suits were my favorite since ever. After that I opened the rest, two more from Alice and the rest were from my human friends they all were the same bikinis, night gowns, lingerie and pajamas from all length and colors.

When we finished with the gifts it was 11:30 so Alice called Richard and he brought the final touch a cake Alice ordered for this celebration she told us it was a sample from the one we will eat tomorrow, after the cake was gone we took some more pictures and we danced one last song and at 12:00am sharp my human friends left to get some rest to be here tomorrow for the big day.

“Ok now let’s restore this place it will be less work for Richard and the others” Nikki said smiling “that will give you more time to flirt” Miosotis added, Nikki stuck her tongue a her.

“Hey guys did you saw Nikki’s new ride?” Maghelena said drifting her head to the side where the motorcycle was.

“Yes is really cool a 2012 Harley Davidson good choice” Rosalie said smiling while I got some on the several bags and boxes heading to the suite, Maghelena and Esme followed with the rest.

After that we headed down again, and Alice had restored the gazebo to its original state, she said that this night wasn’t over at least for us and that we had to celebrate vampire style, so she hopped in her yellow Porsche with Esme, Rosalie got into her red convertible with Miosotis while Maghelena and I got into my mustang. Nikki lastly mounted her new motorcycle, we went out of the hotel an entered on one of the empty highways this was going to be so much fun.

“Let’s race, the winner gets a 3 days shopping spree to Paris…paid by Esme?” Rosalie said and all of all faces showed a big smile; Esme nodded

“First let’s keep this honest girls ok, if we are seen by a cop we accept the ticket without fidgeting” Esme said making the rules clear. We all nodded and when she got to three, I stepped the accelerator till its max and my baby stepped forward.

The others did the same but Nikki was in advance because she had a two wheel vehicle, which was unfair; Alice was closer to me, Rosalie was on the fourth place. The rules were clear we were taking the alternate route to the hotel but racing, the one of us who got there first wins the shopping spree to Paris. I passed by Rosalie and got closer to Nikki I didn’t care about the prize I just wanted to have fun, so I stepped the pedal again and got behind Nikki she pushed forward but Alice took the second place.

Rosalie was right behind me, she wanted to win, and sometimes she also like Edward acted like her beloved husband Emmett. She got to my side but I passed her in a second.

I was close to the finishing line right behind Alice but she pushed her car a bit more in the end and finished second, Nikki was first I was third while Rosalie ended fourth. We all stepped out laughing even Esme.

“Ok girls since you all kept it honest i’m giving you all, the trip to Paris” Esme said between laughs. “Mom Carlisle will kill you; you know how much money you’ll spend?” I asked with a laugh “I know but I don’t care” Esme replied.

“except for me I have enough clothes and I won’t be available for who knows how long, so girls you will have to go without me this time but I promise that we all go again us girls only” I told them.

They all smiled, it was 2:00am by this time Joel must be on the way to his suite to get some rest, the others could continue without him. We took the elevator to the room my friends went to their shared suite while Rosalie went to hers with Emmett, Alice, Esme and I went to ours the penthouse; which main bedroom belonged to Edward and I. because we were the ones who actually enjoyed being there and we used the bed a lot just to sit or lay on it.

I undressed and got comfortable. Then I finished reading interview with a vampire, (I don’t know why I read those books but I like them). At 4:00am I plugged on my IPod and laid on the bed, I closed my eyes and concentrated only in the music. I was really relaxed and I wanted that all this was over and that only where just Edward and me forever, I was nearly done with all the songs of my long play list when Alice came into the room at 6:30 am and interrupted me like she always does…
Wow Chapter 21! Bella that was a beautiful Bridal Shower for Bella with her human friends. I loved also the part of Esme offering the girls an opportunity to race for a shopping spree in Paris. That's actually an awesome gift to win. Now Alice winning Blackjack and having luck in the casino is just pure luck since she can see the future... I love it very much please post more soon.... You are doing an awesome job... Keep up the good work.... Yay! Now the wedding is coming and then the Honeymoon? Oh! Oh! Where is Edward taking Bella for their Honeymoon? Please post the next chapter soon.... pleaseeee...... I'm still missing chapters to this story my Angel... Post them soon.... Thanks! Zaicha I also love your new profile picture with my daughter... Love it very much.... <3 ; )
Thanks bro/mommy!
Yay! An awesome episode (20)! I love the way Emmett reacted when he saw Bella arguing with a stranger. He showed Bella how protective he can be.... Also, I loved the fact that Alice & Jasper went to the extreme to find out the truth about what truly happened in Bella's past relationship with Omar? They wanted to make sure Bella saw what type of lame person he was, and she didn't need to keep worrying for him. Now all she needed was to make the decision of marrying Edward and forgetting Omar for the rest of her life. Excellent plotting of Alice and I love the way Edward took positive action when Bella was refusing to listen to the truth... Excellent job Edward! Keep up the good work my angel. I love this story very much... You are doing an awesome job! Excellent!
thanks bre/mimmy. Love ya!
Hi Safeya, I honestly agree with your thoughts as well. I love the way you phrased your point " but I would like to say that if a guy ever did that to me i would kill him"! Awesome quote there Safeya, I love it very much! But yes our Gabriella was the adult and forgave him at the end... Yay!!

Chapter 22
Wedding day preparations:

“Come on Bella its time to get ready for the big day!” Alice exclaimed jumping in my bed.

“Yes Alice I know, but at least let me pack my honeymoon suitcase” I told her

“No, no! That’s been taken care of; I already did it; because i’m the only one apart from Edward and Esme who knows where you are going. I packed it myself an hour ago so don’t worry” she said pushing me to the small living room where she was going to torture me to perfection today.

She painted my toes bright red, my hands had nails already since my humanity. When the nails were drying off the girls came in and they also did their toes.
Then Alice started doing Nikki’s hair, while Rosalie blow dried mine, Maghelena used the flat iron on hers; because her hair wasn’t as rebel as my hair, Nikki’s and Miosotis.
After that Alice began with Maghelena while Rosalie worked on Miosotis. After a while Rosalie was done so she did her own hair.

At 8:30am Alice started on my hair, while the others went to their rooms to fetch the dresses and corsages. Alice was giving directions to the salon workers by a radio device they gave her, but she told me that before the ceremony she was going to check if they did it as she told them cuz she wanted perfection.

At 10:00am she sent Esme to check on the garden, she stayed there for a few minutes but when she came back she told us that everything was done by Alice’s request and that was perfect.

While my hair do was drying she went down to the garden and came back satisfied; after that she started with the makeup. At 12:30pm 4 and ½ hours before the wedding the girls did the same (start on their makeup) and they were done at one thirty, so they went down where they were supposed to meet with the photographer who was doing the pictures. As Alice predicted weeks ago, the weather for today was sunless. It was clear but without sun, Esme and Carlisle also left but Esme and Alice as the girls were supposed to come to help me with the dress.

They returned to help me dress, Maghelena, Alice & Esme…

“Well Bella is your turn to dress now because you will also have your photo shoot with all of us; they are all down the guys with Edward, after the ceremony you will have your own session with him.” Alice said.

I was listening to her but I was also thinking…

“Honey what’s wrong?” Esme asked me

“Nothing is just that I wished that instead of you dressing me I wish my mom would be doing this” I said

“Do you want me to get her?” Maghelena asked

“Of course not, I bet she’s not even here yet, she never comes in time for these things” I said “well then shut the hell up and let gets this over with” Maghelena said grabbing the box of my wedding shoes.

She bends to put me shoes on my feet while Alice gave me something borrowed.

“Ok this is tradition, something borrowed, here this is mine and I want it back” she said placing the garter on my right leg

“Something blue” Maghelena said showing me the bottom of my shoes they had blue flowers.

“Something old” I said, wearing Edwards’s mother wedding earrings.

“And of course something new, the dress” Esme said pulling it from the bed.

The dress was what I always dreamed of, it was costume made just for me in Paris by a famous designer Alice chose. It is beautiful is white with red details as I suggested, it was strapless but I was wearing a long sleeved short blazer on top.
It had red details at the top front and in the bottom of the long puffy skirt; the long train also had red details. It was the most beautiful piece of work I’ve ever seen, I could find the right words to describe it properly, now it was the veil &crowns turn.

“Bella I shall now proceed to place the crown in its place” Maghelena & Alice said at the same time.

“Now is the veils turn” Esme said placing it where Alice told her carefully.

“You look beautiful Bella” Maghelena said with commotion. “If I could cry I would be right now” she also said hugging me.

“Thanks for your friendship Maghelena; you’ve been the best thing that happened to me besides Edward and his family. I love you my dear friend” I said hugging her tighter.

“Me too bells I’m really happy for you, you deserve it” she said with a huge grin on her pale face.

“Thanks Alice for this wedding and your unconditional love and friendship, I also consider you my sister and I love you too” I said, she hugged me for a second.

“You look beautiful my dearest and young daughter, one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen in my existence, sorry Rosalie” Esme said, Rosalie gave her a mocking smile.

“I know that you will make my son happy. I know he loves you truly and that you will be together till you both shall live. Thanks for taking him out of his loneliness my dear. Existence wouldn’t be enough for me to thank you for this” Esme said looking straight to my face with her sweet smile.

“Thanks you all for this really”. I said with commotion.

We went down to take my pictures, that didn’t last long at least.

“We should take more pictures with the whole court after the ceremony” Alice told the photographer.

“Well Bella its time, are you ready?” she asked

“Of course” I said to her she smiled pleased. I was feeling nervous, exited and scared al at the same time, I needed jasper right now but he wasn’t here to comfort me; he was at the garden waiting for us to start the ceremony since he was Alice’s partner at the court.
I wondered how Edward looked, he didn’t want me too se the tux he bought, he just told me that he will be having a red silk tie but nothing else. Although it didn’t matter, he would look gorgeous in anything…

We walked to the garden, I stood where Alice told me in the shadows where no one would see me. She pulled my dad so that he would take me down the aisle, I never had a very close relationship with my dad and all because of my mother and her stupidity; I never loved him like I should.

I was ashamed of this; now that he will actually loose me forever at least I gave him the satisfaction of walking me to the arms of my love today.

All of them took their place where Alice ordered them, even Rosalie whose place was at the piano for now she was in charge of the march. Nikki made her entrance with Joel, 20 seconds after them jasper entered with Alice. After them Maghelena followed with Emmett he gave rose a quick glance she smiled at him and Maghelena politely, but kept the pace of her melody in tone, she played beautiful but not as Edward played.

Now it was Miosotis turn she was carrying the rings, when she got to the end of the aisle Carlisle and Esme made their entrance, now it was my turn to enter…

Edward’s face lit up, I saw that all my family was there I meant my human family, my aunt, my uncle with his wife and my cousins they were huge, my girl cousin that was born two years after me she was 19, my cousin the only male from this side of the family he was 14 and my dearest little girl cousin who when I left was 8, now was 12.

Time flies they aren’t my babies anymore, my grandmother was there with tears as usual I gave her a warm smile as I passed by. My maternal family was there, my mom and my siblings also my other grandmother and my mom’s brother my uncle with his son that was 20 like my brother. My friends from high school where there some of them with their families and couples.

I looked straight forward to where Edward was watching me amazed, he was amazed by me and I was with him wow! He looked amazing. Dad and I got to the end of the aisle and Edward grabbed my hand, my dad kissed me on the cheek and after placing my veil back over my face he went to take his seat.

Finally I arrived home, to the arms of my Edward…


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