The Twilight Saga

Gabriella was a normal girl; the boy she thought that was the one broke her heart. She was broken yes but she recovered. Then when she moves away from her country; fate hits her again and her future changes maybe forever.

What will happen when she meets the Cullen’s? Will she give herself a chance to love again? Or she will keep living in the past suffering for the one who broke her heart?



I was on the second semester of my senior year of high school, I was an average girl was pretty and had a lot of friends and we were so cool. I was enjoying my year, but then for a little mistake my heart was broken. Then when I finally recovered and started my journey to college, my life gave a 360 turn and my future changed forever…My name is Gabriella Elizabeth Swan and this is my story!




Chapter 1 (My last human days)
New Year:

It was the first day of my second semester of senior year; I went to school and straight to see my friends. We were happy to see each other, the day went without any problem it was a great week! We were on the second week of January when I made my first move of the biggest mistake of my life.


He's name was Omar he was on 12-1 and I was on 12-2 the best and coolest group. My friends Ady, Mara and I were on the health classroom talking with the teacher about prom, and he passed by and poked me on my ribs because I was on his way, I let him pass and forget the incident. Then 3 days later I took revenge and poked him back and that was the day that started it all...


I knew Omar he had studied with me since middle school but we didn't talk much till now, the days passed and I began to talk to him, have lunch and hangout. We shared cell numbers and started talking I even hurried at 2:10 pm that it was my free period; I even ditched my friends and went to wait for him outside. I asked him about his life and vice versa we talked a lot I thought he was well not perfect but fine. One day we gathered at the library and he checked my Mp3 player and fixed it with juts a simple check on his laptop, I was amazed!

When we came out it was raining so I took out my umbrella and he hold it for me while I carried his PC, I was really flushed by this gesture. So the days passed, we went to lunch outside school to a Chinese rest. Nearby we went there a lot of times.

On one day he comes in the morning and tells me'' I got to talk with you later'' and I said ''ok, let’s talk'' but it was the end of the recess and we both got classes got physics and he had advanced English.

At 2:10 when I went to the usual spot I see he is not there I asked one of his annoying freshman friends’’ have you seen Omar?''

‘‘No he left on the bus 20 minutes ago'' he said ''crap’ shouted he left me with the doubt ''damn it''...


I was so hyper I was wondering what Omar wanted, but I just forget about it and went home. It was around 6:45 pm when I was finishing my chores when my cell phone rang with Omar’s ring tone. I literally ran to pick it up.

’’Hello ‘I said ’hi’’ he answered.

‘How are you?’’ I asked ‘’I’m fine, just wondering about something I have to tell you’’.

’’Yes ask me anything’’ I told him.

‘’would you like to be my girlfriend?’’ My heart started beating really fast, I was ready for this but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a joke so I acted really dumb.

‘’can you repeat that last?’ I said ’’would you like to be my GF’’ he asked again.

‘’yes of course’’ I answered.


Kissing attempt:

The next day I went with Omar to the gestation near school cuz he wanted a snack, ha bought something and in half of the way he gave me some. In 41/2 of the way he tried to kiss me but since I dint know in the exact moment I turned my head and he missed my mouth.

‘’opss’’ I apologized I dint know u should have told me what you wanted to do, ’’I’m really sorry’’.

’’That’s ok he told me ‘one part of me wanted the kiss but I don’t know’’. ‘’oh ok’’ I said really ashamed of myself.

So after that awkward and odd moment everything was ok. After that day he dint try to kiss me again but I dint see anything wrong with that. The days passed and we were so ‘’happy’’ the only thing that was bothering Omar was that I couldn’t stand his friends, that is so not true they were all jealous because he was spending time with me ,that bunch of losers and idiots!! I told him that they were so wrong and he believed me of course, but that was not the end of it…

February & First Kiss:

The days passed, and February came this was my favorite month because of two reasons: First thus was love and friendship month, and second I was turning finally eighteen in just a few days! I didn't know Omar hated this month until I told him about my happiness.

He hated this month because in the past years he had not have anyone to spend it with, he was always alone in this time of year, but this year was the exception cuz this year he got me of course. But still he wasn't that eager about it.

The days sped up we where together almost every free time we got and everybody was noticing and he was getting more annoyed every day ,cuz we were still secretly dating like had asked from the beginning’s the days passed and the day finally arrived February the 12th my birthday day!!! I was so happy finally eighteen.

I did my morning routine and went to school like every other day, all my friends Ryan,Rose,Emma,Lea,Tiara,Janice,Jakie,Mara and Ady greeted and congratulate me when I went with them it was the perfect day! I decided that I was going to do whatever I wanted so at recess Omar called me and told me he wasn't going to get lunch so I decided to follow him.

I went where he was and sit by him and after a few minutes he caught me off guard he caressed my cheek and then put my face close to his, my heart started running so fast It was hammering inside me and then suddenly he kissed me, it was our first kiss and he decided to give it on the most special day my birthday day! I was the best gift I got so far. It was the biggest happiest day of my life. The days passed and the problems started to arrive...


As the days passed the graduation was near, Omar was being a little stupid over the last couple of days!!! I don't know out of nowhere he started treating me like if I was scum he started to humiliate me in front of his stupid friends and saying that I was a stalker and crazy.

When I asked him why he was being this way he just said that he was doing it to blow a cover, cuz people started asking him what was going on between us and he obviously say nothing was going on because of our stupid a agreement of not telling anyone.

I was so annoyed and pissed! But things didn't stop there when we talked on the phone he looked for every excuse available to hung me up it was so unfair I always did the things I got to do before the time to call him and he did the opposite he leaved everything so when I called he had an excuse to hang up on me.

I was getting annoyed but shut my mouth because I did not wanted another excuse for a fight or argument between us again, stupid as I was I always did what he told me I was like his toy (I laughed when I thought of this) but however the truth of all this mess was still missing when was it going to end?...

School was getting a little bit annoying trough the last weeks and I started again with drama, since I was the co-writer of this year's school play.

I had to be there for rehearsals cuz I was also on the play, so in between my drama rehearsals school work and Omar I was getting frustrated cuz he was being more stupid every stinking day!.

He was so selfish and he was not caring for what I felt anymore, all my friends wanted to kill him they were all like:

''dude you got one of the coolest girls in school and you are doing this to her you are so stupid''

I was getting too dramatic on my phone calls and he was starting to take an evasive reaction. I wanted to be with him but he said that I was killing the passion, so not true he was the bastard in this!! He was the one who did not wanted to fight for our’ love''.

I was sick of fighting for something that was not valuable anymore, I was being weak because I loved him and knew that he loved me back or that was what I thought...


I was being late for class again, I was on the second floor stairways when I heard my name being called, I turned around and it was Omar who called me.

''I want to talk to you now'' he told me. ‘‘Spit it out ‘I responded a bit sour.

‘‘Well I had made my decision about us'' he said in a cool tone like if this subject was a casual conversation topic.

''Well?'' I asked a bit annoyed.

After all he had done in the past month nothing he said to me now could hurt me anymore.

''I thought this trough and for the best of both of us sakes it will be better if we break up’ he spilled the words like bullets they crashed directly into my heart, but I acted cool like he hadn't do anything to me, well his words at least.

That was the final word we spoke that day we never spoke to each other after that, but when I went home I cried my heart out for three weeks and after that I knew the truth...


My friends Jenny and Lea told me that they had something to tell me about Omar, I eagerly listened to them because they said it was important. They told me the truth about our relationship, they said that all was in revenge because of all the times he has been reacted and dumped by his other ex-girlfriends that never lasted more than 2 months.

So in his desire for revenge he decided to ruin my life, he was so immature and I was glad that finally I knew the truth. After that I decided that I didn’t have to cry for him anymore one day I woke up and suddenly I didn’t remembered what had happened. I continued my life like he had never existed and ignored him for the last days at school.

Because of what he did he lost the friendship of Jenny and her brother Joe who were also friends of him. Joe was furious because of this he sided with me and never answered his calls ever again. He lost a great friend thank god! Cuz Joe is in no need for a friend like him. So days went on and the final school days finally arrived and it was time to say goodbye...



Chapter# 2 (My last human days part 2)
School end and Goodbyes:

The end of the school year arrived this was the day we were waiting since 10th grade the moment when we all said goodbye to each other for ever.

Since the last events I was still a bit sentimental and this day hit me like lightning, I didn’t want to say goodbye to my friends we have been together since 10th grade we were more than friends we were like brothers and sisters. But time was not our friend and the clock hit the final hour for us!

We were never going to see each other again and for me that was awful because I won a scholarship to Dartmouth and nobody knew that yet I didn’t want to tell cuz I didn’t want to see their faces, it would be too much for me to handle. I was the first one to leave; I hugged my friends and told them that no matter where we were I will never forget them.

We had a lot of memories and they were good. I also told them that I will always have a place in y heart and that they could count on me. So after that I hurried to the car without looking back I didn’t want to see them crying. After three years it was hard to say goodbye...

Graduation day & Prom night:

The graduation finally arrived I woke up early because the ceremony was at 9:00am sharp I dressed had breakfast did my makeup and hurried to the car my mom came a few mines later and off we went we took an alternate route that took us less time.

when I got there all my classmates and friends were there we lined up in pairs I ended lined up with my Bff Ady we entered together and we both fought back our tears, we have been best friends since Ady came new on11th grade.

She was the icing while I was the cake, she was on top and I was right behind her!! The ceremony flowed on its course and cause and it was getting very emotive. They started saying the names for the awards:

''and now we will give the names for the drama medal:

Gabriella Elizabeth Swan, Ady Marie Evans and Omar Carmichael Smith'' those were our most valuable actor and helpers’’

(Omar was the DJ big whoop).

after a lot of name calling they finally started calling for diplomas:

''and last but not least the coolest girl from this graduating class, miss Gabriella Elizabeth Swan''

well now let’s receive on the stage or school headmaster and headmistress: “Good morning parents friends, and class this is a very important day''

they started blabbing about school and blah, blah.

''and finally the moment you all have been waiting for, with the power that this school district gives me I declare you officially graduated''

We all started shouting and graduation caps flew everywhere, I threw mine as high as I could go and It landed on my side. That was it that was the end of high school these were the last hours we've got together I couldn’t believe that after all this years it was actually happening! I hugged Ady, Jeny, Tiara, Rose and some of my near classmates, we were all very sentimental but I did not cry.

Maybe it was because I was dry after all those crying nights I did not have any more tears left on me. We went of the salon and out to the hallway to say goodbye I promised all that we'll see each other at prom and left...




Finally the night of nights arrived I was excited because this is supposed to be the best night of all senior year and because I knew that certain person wasn't going to be there. It was going to be the best night ever; I arrived at 8:00pm sharp like it said on the invite. I was American on time stuff I hated being late, I arrived with my friend Jenny and started taking picks with our cameras till people started arriving to the salon.

The night went without any problem, we ate dinner at 9:00pm and after that the real party started, the music started louder and we hurried to the dance floor. We danced as a group since we did not have dates.

''Who needs a guy?” I thought to myself.

We were having lots of fun we took a lot of pictures and some of them were so cute! It was the best night ever I danced till I could barely stand on y feet! It was really what I expected and more I was really the night of nights...




New future the story of Gabriella Swan part 2:


Chapter 3:

Leaving the Island:


Two weeks after graduation I received a letter from Dartmouth saying that they selected me for a freshman honor program plus they gave new students a month of vacation paid by the institution. I accepted and packed my entire not so new and new wardrobe. For the trip they gave you options so I decided I will go to Seattle first, washing ton D.C and then to Washington state to the city of forks to be exact I know that that city didn’t hold anything interesting but I wanted to go anyway.


I arrived at the airport two hours before the flight departure I went, alone I did not want any more goodbyes and since my mom does not care, I went by myself. The flight departed from the Puerto Rico International Airport at 4:00 pm on July 11 It was a long flight.


 I distracted myself with thinking I thought about a lot of stuff, first that this was the last time I was going to see the land where I lived for 18 years. I remembered that when I was a little more immature I said that the day I put a foot on a plane to leave this island I was never coming back. This seemed like the best time I am a legal adult with a scholarship to one of the most important colleges of the United States.


 Dartmouth was the best option because, if they rejected my application I was going to be forced to enter the University of Puerto Rico not the best choice, not because the school wasn’t good is just that I hated the fact that I could end up going to the same school as Omar, no not a chance I thought to myself.

I arrived in Washington D.C in the morning cuz the trip was with no scales.

I took a taxi and went to the hotel I made my check in and hurried to my suite to rest because I had barely slept on the plane.


I took a bath instead of a shower it felt nice, I changed into my favorite pajamas and went to bed, I sat on the end and grabbed the phone; I called room service and ordered a sandwich. I ate I brushed my teeth and turned on the TV after changing channels for more than 20 minutes I drifted to sleep.


 I spent two weeks in D.C I saw the tourist sites and did some shopping it was perfect being alone in this foreign country where no one knew you I felt like I was ready for the college change and that the becoming years were going to be the best! I went to see the white house and to the Smithsonian museum it was very interesting and a great learning opportunity for me. I took many picks with my camera of almost everything!


On July 24, I departed to forks Washington, for this trip I decided not to take a plane I rented a car and drove the whole way. I frequently stopped and stayed in small beds and breakfast if I was too tired.

I went there and hiked with a group of tourists guided by and expert hiker who was the guide guy.


 After spending a week and three days in Washington, I made my check out of the hotel and went on the run again I was supposed to return the car when I arrived to Dartmouth cuz the company will come for it. I was going to be part of the Dartmouth summer freshman program that started on 14 days.


I was near the border line between the town of Forks and port Angeles enjoying the rarely sunny day, because I was on a road trip from Washington to Pennsylvania (yeah I know is way to far but I wanted it that way) Then I was taking a plane to New Hampshire, I was waiting for a red light to turn green, when it happened…



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