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What do you think of the movie new moon? In my opinion, it is so wonderful that it can not be described in words!

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I think it was rushed through and alot with Bella & jake wasnt explained
yeah i agree with you! it can't be describe in words!
jacob was soooo hot in the movie! I can't explian it in words! :)
Yeah is through!
I love him.
they rushed through it & they should have added more detail about Jake/ Bella
i throught it was better then twlight so i think eclipes will be better then new moon.
I love New Moon I wish I could watch it again I can't wait to see it again I saw it twice in the theatre and I've been watching twilight just waiting for the d.v.d of new moon to come out
I liked it better than the Twilight adaptation. it still needed more conversations and the end needed a little more. I would have liked the end to resemble the book a whole lot more.
La vdd esqe esta muy buena la peli
todo esta asi supr genial los efectos y todo
mas n la persecucion de victoria am..
pero no se siento q le falto un poqo
pero si me gusto mucho
I Thought, this film stuck to the book as close as possible! That breakup scene was soo sad. The only thing I didn't like was the ending, I thought it gave too much away for eclipse, since he doesnt propose to her until halfway through it!
like the movie or the book?
like the movie or the book?


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